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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

I like this.

I met Josh Garrels briefly years ago. We were living in Texas at the time, and we came home to Indiana for a summer visit. Our friend Twon invited us to attend his church's Wednesday pot luck. It was at Josh's fountain square home. Twon told us Josh would soon be stepping down from his church leadership role to pursue music full time.
Fast forward four years when we were introduced to Josh's music. We are now living in downtown Indy and attending the little church he helped to start. He now lives in Portland but floated through last summer promoting his new album. We checked it out, and we liked it.
I'm the kind of music listener that plays a song on repeat until I'm sick of it. His newest album was on repeat for the entire months of July and August before my Avett brothers obsession began in the fall. Good news is I'm still not sick of it. Instead it has become the definition of summer 2011. When I hear those songs I'm transported back to where I was, what I was doing, and what I was feeling during that season.  Summer vacation.  Throw up in the car.  Finding out my mom had cancer.  Learning Joy was pregnant.  Ethiopia.  Watching the state fair stage collapse on TV over and over again.  Extremely warm family photo sessions.  I love when music allows you to remember details that would otherwise be lost in time.
Josh's music makes me thoughtful and was therefore going to be the music my 100 picture year in review was going to be set to.  And then I never got around to doing one.  And then it was March and it seemed ridiculous to do one.  And now it is May, and my birthday is on Saturday, and I can once again go into my favorite of modes where I reflect on the previous year.  Which means that it is acceptable to put together a year in review via pictures set to Josh Garrels music.  I plan to.  Stay tuned, and check it.

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