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Friday, May 11, 2012

Kids say the darndest things... (This is the mother's day edition.)

Julian brought me some Mother's Day gifts home from preschool today. I received a cupcake, a ceramic disc that he painted, and a sheet with "All About My Mom" at the top. Follow along.
1. How do I show my Mom I love her?
J's A: I tell my mom I love her.

2. My favorite thing to do with my Mom is?
A: Go to Chucky Cheese with her.

3. Her favorite color is?
A. Orange
My response: Um, that's your favorite color, Julian.

4. her favorite food is?
A. Chicken Pot Pie

5. If she had extra time, she likes to?
A. play video games with me.
My response: Untrue.

6. When my Mom grows up she wants to be?
A. A space woman.
My response: If I haven't grown up already, it isn't going to happen.

7. My Mom and Dad first met?
A. When I wasn't born.
My response: True.

8. My Mom laughs when she watches?
A. American funniest Video.
My response: True, but I haven't watched that show since Bob Sagget hosted.

9. My Mom is_______ year old.
A. A billion.
My response: That makes you a billion minus 25.

10. What my Mom loves the most is?
A. My Aunt.

Happy Mother's Day to me and you (if you're a mother).

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  1. This is great! My son, 7, told his teacher I would love whatever "crap" he brought home to me. His words! Out of the mouths of babes...