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Monday, May 14, 2012

Maybe blogging my weeks goals will keep me accountable...

It's been awhile since I've posted my Weekly to do list which might explain why I've had a dresser half sanded in my garage for a week or two. If I didn't post it, I didn't make it. If I didn't make it, I'm probably still getting some things done, but I'm probably feeling overwhelmed and unfocused. So in order to go through my week with a sense of purpose and calm, I'm going to make this list.

Finish sanding and paint the dresser for Schroeder & Maggie's room.
Work out in some form each day (at least two walk/runs outside) & count my WW points plus.
Organize and upload photos from March.
Read 1 Samuel 31 & 32.
Finalize menu, location, and other misc. logistics for lemonade day this weekend.
Take pictures for blog series.
Check out at least one of the photography books from this list.
Finish my blog post about turning 31 & the one about Maggie talking (with cute picture of D'arcy & Maggie).
Make and deliver at least two of the cards I've been wanting to give to friends.
Locate and print the manual for my grandma's old sewing machine.

These, of course, are all specific projects outside of my every week laundry, cleaning, editing, cooking, shopping, bill paying, disciplining, etc, etc, etc. Hope all of you have the energy and focus for what you have to accomplish this week.

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