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Thursday, January 31, 2008

High Fashion

She likes fashion. Accessories are a must....headbands, hants, coats, purses, and of course shoes. Forget tennis shoes. D'arcy must have either her pink cowboy boots, pink snow boots, or bright red patent leather dress shoes. Here she is showing off her newest jacket from Grammy and shirt from Grandma.

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Just Elmo & me

Meet Elmo & Elmo Pajama man.

I now suck my thumb and find my belly button with the other hand. Pure comfort.
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Sleeping Beauties

Hotel beds are the only ones that those Williams kids are allowed to jump on, but there wasn't a lot of jumping going on here. We all shared a room at Grammy & Poppy's vacation house in San Antonio this January. When mommy came into the room she just couldn't resist taking some photos of our little sleepers.

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Saturday, January 5, 2008

Up, Please....Yeah!

In my last blog about Julian, I mentioned that we had only heard "please" a couple of times. Well,
now we hear it nonstop.
"Pease, pease, pease, pease, pease..... "
"Julian, would you like some milk?"

Now he has officially started putting words together. In the last two days it's been "UUUU pease (up please)".
"Julian, do you want up?"

I miss C'mon.

So we think that C'mon is D'arcy's imaginary friend. She will randomly mention that she misses C'mon or that she will see C'mon tomorrow. We aren't sure if we want D'arcy to play with C'mon as we have yet to meet C'mon's parents.