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Friday, May 30, 2008

Burger King Tears

On Fridays we always eat lunch at a fast food restaurant because we I only have the car a couple of days a week and Friday is when I do the majority of my errands. I asked D'arcy where she would like to eat today, and she adamantly said, "The Burger King with the little door." We had been to a Burger King recently on a different side of town that had a big door and little kids door opening up into the playground area. D'arcy appreciates anything that is built to her size. She is elated when a public place has toilets and sinks that are built for little people so you can imagine that when she spotted this door just for kids (well, technically, I would have fit) she was excited. She refused to use the adult door. Unfortunately, today, we weren't close enough to the "Burger King with the little door", and so I had to say no to her request. She started quietly crying. As I was pulling her out of her car seat to go into a different Burger King she wanted to make sure that I knew she was sad and said, "Mommy, if you see water on me, It is from my tears."

Monday, May 19, 2008


Bachpap, Bachpap...
Julian came into the room that D'arcy was watching Dora and proudly announced BACHPAP! His new list of words includes flashlight & outside. Each new word makes me laugh.

D'arcy Date

Stephen took D'arcy on a date Friday night. The youth from our church were going to see Narnia: The Return of Prince Caspian at 10pm on Friday. We decided that if she took a long nap she could go. Of course, on Friday at naptime, D'arcy was insistent that she no longer wanted to go to the movie and therefore did not need to take a nap. Mommy didn't buy that one. After a not-as-long-as-mommy-wanted nap, D'arcy woke up asking, "Is it time for Narnia?" Eventually it was, and D'arcy decided she wanted to wear her Christmas dress that Grammy had bought for her. Even though it was well over 90 degrees here in San Antonio, we put on her black velvet and red dress and put her hair in braids with some ribbons interwoven. Sorry, no pictures of this one. Mommy wasn't in the mood to pull the camera out. She did stay awake throughout the whole movie, and came back with a report that she really enjoyed it.

A Mother's Day Earned

I truly earned my Mother's Day this year. At 1:30am on Sunday, D'arcy woke us screaming that she had thrown up in her bed. Stephen and Julian had been sick the night before so it wasn't a huge surprise. It was a huge mess, however.
As some of you know, Stephen and my birthday is on May 5th. Mother's Day, of course, is in the middle of May, and our anniversary is on May 31st so there is lots to celebrate this month! Most of the time we get one gift that kind of covers the whole lot of events, but this year Stephen did something fun for me. He had a lady who creates custom jewelry create a bracelet, earrings, and necklace for me. I got one piece with each event. I already have the necklace because we celebrated our anniversary a little early with a massage and dinner at an Italian restaurant.
Anyway, as always, I'm very thankful to be in the category of "mother", and would like to show you some of my favorite pics of those williams kids who make that title possible for me. Here are 37 of my all time favorite pics of my little ones.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Little Happenings

No grand events happening here. Just lots of little happenings to smile about. Julian's vocabulary is ever growing. My favorite is Nosssee. Many times he puts his finger as far up his nose as possible to make sure we understand his meaning. My other favorite is "Yesh sher". This is what he must say if he "understands" are words of correction. He has also been learning what formal punishment is. He has to stand in the corner for one minute when he does something wrong (His sister stands for 3 minutes based on age). He has carefully watched D'arcy to see how this corner thing should be played out.
"Julian, eat your food."
"Ok, go stand in the corner."
Obediently, he goes to the corner and gives out a little whine. That's what his big sister does, right? After a minute, he comes back to the table and without hesitation eats his food. I don't think he eats his food because the corner is so terrible. Instead, he understands that being obedient is the obvious next step to this punishment thing.

D'arcy is really craving the attention of older kids. When we go to a playground, she enters and firmly announces, "Hi, my name is D'arcy Williams. Do you want to play?" A couple of times recently, she has gotten lucky and found a willing participant. Stephen is threatening to never teach her our phone number or address because he's afraid that her greeting will change to, "Hi, My name is D'arcy Williams. My address is .... and my SSN is ... Do you want to play?"
Our sweet girl, who can't go to bed without exchanging the phrase "See you in the morning! Moooommmm, say see you in the morning!", is now officially signed up for preschool. She has asked a couple of times if it is fall yet. I have to remind her that summer is a time she does not want to miss.
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