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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Pre-school Graduation

Giant Steps, Giant Steps, Giant Steps is fun
Giant Steps is a private place where learning has begun
Caring, sharing with our friends makes it a happy school
If you keep on learning then you are really cool

These are the words of the opening song to D'arcy's first commencement exercise. She has come to the end of her pre-school days. Since September, she has become confident in recognizing and writing all of her letters and numbers, has colored, cut, pasted, and painted many projects (which Stephen had me stuff in a drawer throughout the whole year so D'arcy wouldn't have the trauma of seeing her projects in the trash can...we are going to sort through the drawer soon to locate the five most important piece to keep), and has learned innumerable songs describing everything from the weather to the days of the week. Here are a few of the lyrics to the most commonly sung songs in our home...

There's Sunday and there's Monday
There's Tuesday and there's Wednesday
There's Thursday and there's Friday
and then there's Saturday
Days of the Week (clap, clap)
(Sung to the Adam's Family tune)

What's the weather, What's the weather
Doing Now, Doing Now
Is the sun shining bright?
Is their rain all about?
Is their snow? Is there snow?

The answer to the last question is, of course, always NO here is San Antonio.

You might remember my post about pre-school being in the same category as Highlights magazine and slap bracelets. You know those things that only spoiled kids get. So D'arcy has been spoiled rotten this year attending a pre-school with a white picket fence and other spoiled children with names like Ainsley and Ronan. I now know, though, that it is completely unnecessary to send any of our other children to pre-school because D'arcy is perpetually teaching Julian everything she learns. I've heard that Giant Steps song so many times today that I'm sure Giant Steps will probably be Schroeder's first words.

Summer break and we come!

D'arcy insisted on wearing her princess dress up clothes for the ceremony. I suggested she wear one of her Easter dresses, and she said, "PLEEEAAASE, mom! Don't MAKE me wear one of those dresses." God forbid.

Here is the trophy that Julian coveted so much.

Stars decorated the playground where the ceremony took place. Each one naming the elementary school where each kindergartener would go next year.

D'arcy's little red headed friend, Meadow. She was the first friend D'arcy made at school
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Friday, May 22, 2009

A little interaction

My week has been hectic for sure, but Schroeder's interactions with us have brightened up my otherwise gloomy week. This morning, Julian came into my room for some reason or another. Schroeder gave him a smile which Julian thought was pretty funny. Julian began to laugh which made Schroeder even happier. They looked at each other for a couple of minutes, Julian laughing, and Schroeder periodically smiling and cooing. It was the first interaction between brothers. It was a fun moment.

Another bright moment in the week came last weekend. Some people from our community group were planning to see Star Trek on Sunday evening. Both of us wanted to go so Stephen decided to post a status on Facebook requesting a babysitter. Sunday morning, a couple from our church came in the door and asked, "What time do you want us at your house tonight?" They said that I looked pretty shocked (because I was!). They came over later that evening, watched all three kids, and even gave us money to go out!

When we got home, our babysitters informed us that Schroeder is, in her words, the most vocal infant they have ever met. We had been noticing that he makes a lot of noise. At church, when he nurses, we get a lot of people turning around because he is making these little squeaky satisfied gulping noises. He isn't fussy...just talkative. Where does this come from? : )

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Feliz Navidad

No, it isn't Christmas, and, yet, my children are listening to the Veggie Tales Christmas CD at this very moment. Feliz Navidad is playing and Julian is singing "Police mom and dad" from the bottom of his heart. So if our Christmas card says Police mom and dad next year, you shouldn't be confused. Happy Friday!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Julian had a tough day.

Julian had a tough day. As we were leaving the grocery store, he was riding on the front of the shopping cart when he fell and somehow got his thumbnail caught in the cart. It came about 75% of the way off. I then had to use tweezers to pull the rest of the hanging nail free. Now he has no thumb nail. I'm sure it will grow back, right? It was not the thumb he sucks. I'm not sure if that's blessing. Maybe he could have kicked the habit in the time it will take for the new thumbnail to grow in. At the same time, it would have been really hard to go through this trauma without the comfort of his thumb.

He spent a lot of the day asking to be held, and asking me to put Schroeder or my camera down. I had my camera on because D'arcy graduated from preschool. She received a trophy for her accomplishment. He asked about twenty times if he could go get his trophy, and was really upset when I told him he wasn't going to receive one today. Today was a hard day to be the "middle" child. Too young to go to preschool, and too old to be held all the time.

Monday, May 11, 2009

The 1st Popsicle of the season

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Climbing Trees

D'arcy periodically asks to go outside either to sit on the porch and rock, play sidewalk chalk, ride her bike on the sidewalk, eat a popsicle, or climb "her" tree. Here is a few pics of Monkey #1.


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A list of firsts

First visits from Grandma, Grandpa, & Grammy....check.
First Easter...check.
First shot....check.
First road trip (to Galveston)....check.
First prescription....check.
First smiles....check.

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Schroeder made it just in time for my parents, my sister, and my nephew to visit. They arrived from Indiana just 19 hours after he was born. Here is one of the first pictures of all four Clark granchildren. We are hoping that by 2010 we will have a couple more kids to add (and no, I'm not planning to deliver anymore by 2010).
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The Puzzle Master

Julian is tearing through our puzzles. Mastering them one by one. Big ones, small ones, wooden ones, ones with tractors, ones with spiderman, ones with animals, ones with 60 pieces! There is no stopping him. He is our puzzle master. Here he is with his longest puzzle.

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Schroeder = 6 weeks!




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