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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Debbie and Benjamin are having a baby.

This couple is super cool because
1. They live in Woodruff Place. When covered with snow, Woodruff Place makes me want to run down the street saying things like "I love you Saving and Loan". It's quaint and old and friendly.
2. They were totally comfortable in front of the camera. They were comfortable reading to their sweet baby in the womb for me. Debbie was comfortable doing yoga for me.
3. Debbie climbed a tree. She's nine months pregnant.

Monday, April 25, 2011

A Poem

I like friends.
Fun friends, good friends, funny friends are for me.
Me and you, we are friends forever, together.
We two are good friends, so do be my best friend.
I really like friends so much I could cry.
-J. D'arcy Williams

Their clothes say it all.

Let's be clear. He put this on himself.



Senior pictures are all about exchanging wallets with your friends. Here are my top ten wallet pics for Briana.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

The Chastain Family

I remember the first day I ever heard of Cari Chastain. My sister and I were on the phone one late summer day several years back and she shared with me about a couple at her church who had just lost their eight month old daughter. I found her blog that day and read about her sweet girl, and I've visited it several times since. Every time, I seem to find myself crying. The tears are more inspired tears than sad ones. This family has walked through this tragedy under grace. They are moving forward while still remembering and looking to God along the way. Yep, you guessed it, I'm crying again.
They now have two boys, Rigg & Ryder. Rigg likes to run :). It was a pretty day, and we spent some time in their part of the city called Irvington. I plan to visit that area again. Take a look.

Cute baby!

I love the way Ryder is looking at Rigg in this one!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Haircut, please.

Melissa + Joy : SATURATED - April Pink

I love sun in my photos. I love it coming through windows. I love it radiating through hair. I love it softening the pinks that spring brings. Here is a little sun to brighten up your April. Me/Joy.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Schroeder is two.

Schroeder turned 2 on March 27. As our pediatrician said yesterday, he's a bit of a peanut. That means he's short like his mommy. Here's to hoping he keeps growing until he's twenty like his daddy. Maybe we should have expected this when we named him after a peanut ;P. He's definitely my son. People often mention that he looks just like me. Yep, is my answer to that observation.

He's also talking. A lot. He can copy pretty much any word that comes out of our mouth. See my previous post. The other night in the car, Julian was telling us about watching the Know No Stranger skits (friends from church who formed a drama troupe) we had seen the earlier in the week. Schroeder kept saying Know No Stranger, Know No Stranger, Know No Stranger. It's super cute the first five times.

Right now he also likes Toy Story, trains, trucks, pretty much anything his brother is playing with, smothering Maggie Lu, going to "Gabe's house", making sound effects, getting hugs from his mommy when he's hurt, "guys" (referring to Lego guys, action figures, trains and cars with faces, etc), Veggie Tales, bopping his head in the car to Here Comes the Sun or anything on 92.3, picking up Daddy at work, buses (do you notice the transportation theme?), getting his shoes, jacket and hat on, breakfast x3, and jumping on Begbie's back and telling him to "go, dog, go!".

He is still my layed back little man with three small exceptions. He breaks down if he is too tired, getting teeth, or if I don't get his waffles in short order. Did I mention that kid likes breakfast?

Wow, it's only been two year since he was born, and now he's already a big kid and a big brother. He may not have had long to be my baby, but that boy sure has my heart.

Here is a piece of art that Schroeder refers to as "guy". He was very upset to leave the guy.

He refused to look at the camera. There were just to many interesting buses driving by.

He's smart. At least his mother thinks so. This dude can handle regular size legos already which I think is quite adept for two year old fingers.

Nick & Heather

Winter. Is. OVER! Spring has arrived. I know this because the trees are blooming and because people are booking photo sessions. I was worried that this session wouldn't happen because the picture on my weather forecast had lighting bolts. Amazingly, the weather more than cooperated. My subjects cooperated, too. Well, we had one incident of Nick putting a flower up his nose, but otherwise...
This couple has lots going on. They are engaged plus they have a baby (unknown gender & secret name) on the way. Believe it or not, this lady is already like 34 weeks along. She wears pregnancy well. I think I told her that about five times.

These two are definitely my favorites from the day!