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Monday, June 29, 2009

Vacation 2009.First Leg.New Orleans

I will always remember our 12 hour trip to New Orleans. We passed Baton Rouge around 10:30 and I was dozing. Stephen was driving, drinking red bull, and flipping through the stations looking for a song he could sing to. He said, "Melissa, I think Michael Jackson died." This statement shook me awake. I'm not the biggest Michael fan. I don't own any of his records, but I, and the world, wasn't expecting the King of Pop to die that day. So, I was surprised, and now awake.
We were trying to follow our googlemap directions to our hotel. Which, I have to stop and say, was really lovely and only $65. It was in the French Quarter, and only $65, and, yes, really lovely! Anyway, we were trying to find our way to our lovely hotel, and made several wrong decisions that sent us over the Mississippi twice. Once, we took what seemed like our own private interstate.
I've never been to New Orleans, but Stephen and I had watched a documentary about Hurricane Katrina last year, and so some of the sights were familiar. It was an eerie feeling coming into a city at 11:30, everything is dark, Michael Jackson just died, and the only association you have of the city is about a hurricane that trapped thousands of people in it without food or water.
We finally arrived at the hotel, unpacked the kids, and slept for about eight hours. When we awoke, we took a walk to Cafe du Monde to eat beignets and coffee. This little cafe was highly recommended to us, and I, in turn, highly recommend it to you. The beignets (French Doughnuts) were piping hot and cheap. We got a taste of what I took as New Orleans culture when our waitress took our $20 bill, counted out one five and five ones as change, and, when handing it back to me, said, "Don't forget to tip". We didn't.
We took the kids to see the Mississippi. They were asleep the first two times we had crossed it the night before. Then we headed back to the hotel and out of the city on to the second leg of out trip, Franklin, North Carolina.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


A couple of Saturdays ago, I did what needed to be done. I cut Julian's hair. Stephen would like Julian's hair to be a little shaggy. I don't disagree, but I don't like it to be a mushroom. It's been difficult to find a middle ground. Plus, I cut their hair myself which makes giving him a good longer style even more difficult. It saves money, but mostly, I like to try new things and who else besides your kids will let you experiment on their hair?
I asked Stephen to use his beard trimmers to clean up the neck line. In the midst of Stephen doing a perfectly good job, I grabbed the clippers and tried. Well, I went way too high into his hairline. Everybody needs a good buzz cut once in his life, right, and on this particular Saturday, Julian got his.
The boy had sat really still during his first haircut, but was pretty ancy during the buzzing session. Mostly, he was ready to get it over with and get to the catfish house (aka The Bass Pro Shop). He and his daddy were going on a man date. So he was whinning, and Stephen felt sorry for him so he decided that he, too, would buzz his head.
Now, if you have ever met my husband, you know that his hair is one of his most valued assets. He has to go to a hair stylist and Super Cuts does not count. He must have Crew shampoo and conditioner. Plus, there are pictures of his hair hanging in two salons (and in a hair styling book). But I guess he loves his son more than his hair because at 12am that night, he pulled his hair into a ponytail and just started shearing it off.
We've come to the conclusion that we both like his new look. You can decide for yourselves.



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Monday, June 8, 2009

We have ourselves a giggler

Schroeder had his two month appointment on Friday, May 29th. He weighed in at 12 pounds, and the doctor told me that he is "perfect". Well, I already knew that :).
He shared with us his very first laugh this morning. We have this toy that babys can lay under and look at little rattles that hang down. He sat under this toy for forty five minutes this morning. He was kicking his legs and hitting the rattles. I'm sure he wasn't completely aware that the sound of the rattles was directly related to his kicking, but it sure did entertain him. When it was time to eat, I went to pick him up off the floor, and D'arcy and Julian were there to coo at him. Now that he can focus on faces, he is responding with lots of little dimpled smiles, and today, he added a little giggle. His siblings are loving watching his personality develop. Julian keeps telling me that Schroeder is his friend.
Yesterday, we went to the swimming pool in our neighborhood. He loved the water, and even let me lay him down like he was floating (no I didn't let go).
Below is a picture of Schroeder in the state I found him after my shower. The culprit is in the photo as well.

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