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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

When you walk out the door with your camera, prepare to be surprised with what you return home with.

I took D'arcy and Maggie out on Maggie's birthday (yes, that was almost a month ago) to take some pictures.  I don't force my kids to sit, smile and take a portrait very often, but I do try on their birthdays.  D'arcy liked her hair band, but disliked her outfit.  She was pouting the whole time.  Maggie turned two.  She was more interested in playing and discovering our neighborhood than sitting still and smiling.  If I pointed the camera at her, she would start waving her hand saying "no pictures!"  I was getting frustrated and started threatening to take away the promised ice cream.  Which is minimally helpful.  
At some point, I remembered that I'm a lifestyle photographer which means I'm trying to capture real, authentic moments.  I very, very, rarely put a simple portrait up on my wall.  So why am I torturing myself and my kids on their birthdays?  I'm always surprised by the picture I love at the end of photographing my family.  Most times it's a picture I didn't set out to take.  It was a picture I took in the midst of life happening.  Here are a few of the shots I took that day that I DID NOT set out to take, but I think show my two daughters' (who are exactly six years and three days apart) relationship.  

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Melissa + Joy | AT HOME | Mommy & Me

This month is a little different.  Let me tell you a story.  Joy and I have a mutual friend, Kristin.  Kristin is pregnant, but was put on bed rest to keep baby safe.  Kristin has a house and a four year old.  It's hard to take care of those things when you are on bed rest.  Joy said, "Hey, why don't I ride the bus up from Texas to Kentucky to help you out for a few weeks."  I said, "Hey, Joy, why don't I pay the difference between a Greyhound ticket and a plane ticket, fly you to Indianapolis, and then drive you to Kentucky to hang out with Kristin."  So that's what we did.  Joy got to see me, my house, my kids, my neighborhood.  I got to see Joy and her six month old, Jax.  We both got to see Kristin who is still pregnant.  Awesome.  
Joy had the idea that we take pictures of each other.  I have been so wanting pics of me with each kid. She made it happen.  and I made it happen for her.  So here they are.  
I love their peaches n' cream complexion.  Both look soft and smooth.
I love this photo.  He looks like his daddy here.  
Moms, do remember this?
Love his little grip on her shirt.