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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Meyers Family

I met the Meyers family at the canal downtown this morning. It's getting colder here in Indiana so they might be one of my last outside sessions for the year. Carter turned one earlier this month and his parents don't want to forget him at this stage. Carter didn't seem to care getting pictures, though. He would pause, I would catch up to him, and then right when I was about to push my shutter button, he would dash off in the other direction. I think we still got a few good ones of him. Take a look.

Chandler Family

You might remember that I photographed the Nowacki Family not too long ago (see it). Well, Kellie suggested to Carrie, here sister, that they surprise their mom and dad with some pictures for Christmas. So Carrie came up from St. Louis with her family and we planned a session. Then, Kellie & Carrie's parents decided to surprise everyone and come down from Wisconsin (right?) for the weekend. So they joined us! It was cold. And I wore my new boots to try to keep my little feet from freezing. We spent the first part of the session inside because not everyone had fun boots like mine :P.
Oh, and it was the perfect morning to go downtown because I passed Lucas Oil Stadium and saw lots of buses and letter jackets. Paired with the fact that it was late October, I deduced that the State Final Marching Band Competitions were going on. This brought back loads of memories circa 1996 when I was one of those competitors.

Two families...eleven grandkids! I asked them to get in line from shortest to tallest. The two shortest weren't paying attention, though! I was actually really impressed by how well they listened and got the job done. Great job kids!

I love the little guy below with his glasses. How handsome.

This one gets two thumbs up from me. I told them to give a big bear hug and they obeyed. I'm not sure if it was because of cold or LOVE.
Love can survive six children!

Alexander Family

You saw the pictures of their lovely son, Eli. Now it's time to see some pictures of the whole Alexander family. They are as down to earth as they look, and as you can see they've been through a lot in the last two years. Benjamin, their oldest, was born two months premature and after a long stay in the NICU, they brought him home only to have to make a scary call to 911. Thankfully, Eli's birth was less traumatic, and now both are happy, healthy, and very, very loved!

This one is my fav. Ben looks like he's just delivered the punchline to a joke which is obviously going over well with his crowd!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Baby Eli

I can't take credit for these ideas. Eli's mommy had loads of wonderful thoughts on what to use in his newborn photos. I just came in and took the pictures so here they are :).

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Jack of all trades

We recently joined a small little church here in Indy called Indy Alliance. It's a hip little church with no more than fifty people all between the ages of 20 and 40. We sing old hymns by candlelight and get upset when Christianity is too closely tied to right wing politics. Oh, and everyone gardens! Really, literally, everyone.
I love how quaint gardening is, and I love the taste of fresh fruits and vegetables. We had dinner over at one couple's home and she made almost everything with ingredients from her garden. Delicious! So, of course, I begin dreaming of my own little garden. Nothing too big. Just some tomato plants maybe some potatoes maybe a cucumber or two.
Then the picture of our tomato plant from this year creeps into my head. We were given a little sapling from my friend Carrie. She had too many. I bought a topsy turvy tomato hanger and some soil. I planted it, and then realized there was no where to hang it. It got thrown onto the porch table until my father-in-law came home with a shepherd's hook. The hook fell over after we would water because the plant weighed too much. The plant was again thrown on the table. Mother Nature watered it for a month, and the plant did its best to grow towards the sun. Then August came and even Mother nature neglected it.
Here is my point. I have four kids. I have a photography business. I'm taking time to write this blog. I have no more time left. Becoming the Jack of all trades isn't feasible. I'm not going to be able to grow and can my own food, sew funky clothes, be the coupon queen, cook awesome meals, knit sweaters, take awesome photos, make my own laundry soap, make my own baby food, cloth diaper my children, write witty blog posts, lead children in fun learning activities, bake, etc, etc, etc. Most of these things I have tried in the past. The cloth diapering lasted as long as we could afford the service that picked up the dirty diapers and dropped clean ones off. The crocheting lasted about three rows into a scarf for Julian. The tomato plant attempt above was my third try at growing tomatoes.
I do take good photos, though. I do write witty blog posts. I do make awesome meals. Well, according to my daughter, I'm a food genius. This blog is to remind me to leave the gardening to all those hipsters at my church.

The Social Network

Earlier this month, Stephen won some tickets to see Social Network, a movie about Facebook. Besides having a fabulous time with our friends, the Dilleys, I was prompted by this movie to blog about Facebook. Have you ever heard anyone say that Facebook was a waste of time? or that they were taking a break from Facebook in order to focus on more important things? I've heard quite a few people say this, and every time, I can feel myself become defensive. Because I like Facebook!

I joined just after I quit American Funds and began staying home with my two kiddos, and, truthfully, it's been a big part of helping me stay sane and happy as a stay at home mom. Stephen and I have only one car. I take him to work twice a week. In those two days I do all my schleping; grocery shopping, piano lessons, MOPS, library, playgroup, miscellaneous errands, doctor's appointments, etc. In the three days I don't have the car, I am a bonafide STAY AT HOME mom. That means that I don't see or interact with any other adults from 9am-6pm (not wholeheartedly true right now while I'm living with the in-laws). Except.... on Facebook.

Now some of you might say that you don't have time to interact with others. You have too much to do managing a house and parenting children. That's true, there is always work to be done. My house could always use some cleaning (my car, too!). My kids are usually in need of my attention.
Reading another blog today, I found the perfect way to describe what Facebook provides for me. It is my water cooler. Even full time working men and women get a little bit of time to interact with others during the day. Facebook is my way. So here's to technology and to 20 somethings changing the world and to mother's of small children staying sane.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Baby Caden

Personally, this was a fun shoot because I got a sneak peek as to what Maggie Lu will be doing in a couple of months. Caden had loads of smiles to give to his mommy. You'll get to enjoy them too. What a sweet, content baby. Here comes some eye candy...

Sweet face!

This one is my favorite. Love the light and the very apparent joy that Caden has brought to this mommy.