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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Julian is four!

Julian is four. He loves super heroes, his baby sister Maggie Lu, LEGOS, STAR WARS, tortellini, playing with his cousin Gabe, jumping on people and jumping off tall objects, making Schroeder laugh, reading any book having to do with Halloween, going to Grandma & Grandpa's house, Mario Party, snuggling with Mommy, eating toast for breakfast, playing outside with D'arcy, stealing sips of mommy's mountain dew, Woody & Buzz, playing on daddy's iTouch, and Cowboy Boots.
He is slowly embracing the idea of learning his letters so that he can one day read those STAR WARS books that look so exciting at the bookstore. He attends MOPS with me twice a month and Mom's Day Out once a week. I'm told that he is a good talker for his age. You might think he's never met a stranger until the moment when he gets shy, lowers his face, and hides behind me which happens on occasion. I love when he comes into my room, finds Maggie, touches her face and says "I love you. You are so precious." This happens at least twice a day.
In the past year he learned to ride a bike, and amazingly stopped sucking his thumb...cold turkey. He's a big boy, but sometimes we forget that he's not quite as big as D'arcy.
I'm so thankful for the four years of hugging and loving him, and look forward to watching him grow and learn and turn five!

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