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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Toilet talk

Mommy is excited! Julian turns two in about two weeks. How many times have I heard that boys are harder to potty train? Yet, Julian has instigated going to the toilet twice this week with immediate success (#1 & #2!). The only thing I've done to encourage this action is purchasing M&Ms that stay up in the bathroom cabinet. At this rate he should definitely be potty trained by baby #3's arrival. One small problem are his pants going to stay up without the help of diapers? The boy has no booty.

On other Julian news, he has adopted the term "touchdown" to his vocabulary now that it's football season. After every down, he yells TOUCHDOWN, and we have to say, "Not yet."

Some other terms that we find super cute... I'll tell him something (anything), and he'll respond, "Reeeaaaally?" I respond, "Yes, really." He says, "You really fink so?" I say, "mmmmhmmmm". He says, "Of Course!"

We are also very thankful to have a thankful little boy. He has replace his non word for thank you, "Eeceys", with an actual thank you. We very rarely have to prompt this. It's nice to have a big sister to copy.

Lastly, Stephen and I have been laughing at the difference between D'arcy and Julian in regards to them getting out of bed when they should be sleeping. D'arcy has always had an excuse for getting out of bed without permission. "I just want a kiss and hug." "I just needed to say 'see you in the morning'." "I need a glass of water." OR She'll play quietly enough in her room in order to not be heard.

Julian, however, gets out of bed and picks the loudest toy possible to play like a drum or a flute. When I come in to correct him, he either very sweetly greets me at the door and announces "DRUM!" or he runs as fast as he can to get back in bed. Unlike his sister, He never tries to reason his way out of his punishment.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Sound tech in training...

This picture is courtesy of Julian's (and our) dear friend, Benjamin, who runs sound at our church. Benjamin always takes time to say hi and play with kids which the kids just eat up. This pic made me smile so I thought I would share!