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Friday, May 30, 2014

I'm relishing the moment.

Because this girl will be older tomorrow.  I refuse to be sad.  Time isn't going quickly or slowly, but it is passing.  I'm just trying to enjoy the moment and take some mental (and digital) pictures.  

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

It's May again.

I keep saying that I'm finishing up my Jesus years. At my age, Jesus defeated death and saved the whole world. I'm certain thirty-three will hold less daunting tasks for me.
This time last year, I was waiting for Sweet P to make her big debut. Thirty-two was mostly about getting to know her.
When we had D'arcy, Stephen and I called her our pocket baby. We would just fold her up and take her wherever we went. I realized the other day that we have run out of pockets. Meaning that it isn't that easy or fun to fold all five of our kids and take them many places. And, yet, spending time with friends and time away from my kids is important. Stephen and I do a lot of tag teaming these days. We are always trying to find that fine balance of keeping a family rythym, and taking time away. The realization that we've run out of pockets makes me feel confident in our decision to stop having babies.
Almost eight years ago, I left my job to stay home and care for D'arcy and newborn Julian. Since then, I've had at least two kids at home full time. Schroeder will be headed to kindergarten in the fall and Maggie will start preschool two days a week. And, yes, I still have four years before all my kids are in school, but in my head, I'm two-thirds of the way done with this stage of my life. I'm not eager for these four years to be over. I'm looking forward to them, but I'm also excited to dream about what might be ahead for me.
My little photography business has been a placeholder for me, a way of having some part of my identity and normal rythym of life outside of my family. I'm not sure if I'll move on to other endeavors or projects in a couple of years, but I'm grateful for my little hobby.
Stephen and I took his car out for a drive on our birthday. This is literally only the second time I've had a chance to ride in it. I'm super proud of him for learning to drive this beast in the winter. He took a lot of risks this winter. Some of them payed off and some, unfortunately, did not.
I fully intended to learn as well but I can barely see over the dash. I'm hoping we can take it on a little road trip this summer, though. Maybe I'll get behind the wheel on a country road where no one can laugh or flip me off for stalling it out.
I was going to take these pictures myself via my remote control.  Then I realized that the babysitter we had lined up is also a photographer so I paid her a little extra to click my shutter button a couple times.  Please and thank you Lindy!
Stephen and I are celebrating eleven years of marriage this month.  It's been mostly good people!  And I finally decided to hire a handy man so that has helped.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Here's the Palich Family.

There are so many good shots of this extended family. I'm so glad I had a chance to work with them again. Two of the little girls were born the same week as Penelope so this time last year we were all good and pregnant. And, now, we have sweet, exploring little gals.