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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Inspiration from a new lens

Where is Joy Crampton when I need her? My good friend and faithful family photographer is now residing 1000 miles away. D'arcy and Stephen filled in for her today. I just received a new lens in the mail and was excited to try it out and I thought some maternity pictures would be a great start.
D'arcy took the picture of my belly on the bed. The camera was on the tripod, but she did a great job of making sure the lens focused before snapping the photo. She, now, also knows where the review button is and was adamant that she show me the pictures she took. Then she pulled out her little tykes camera and photographed everything while we were driving to get daddy from work.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Keep Calm and Carry On

So, I'm a day late, but the Daddy I'm honoring won't mind.

A couple of months ago, I had a meeting or a photography gig to go to. D'arcy asked, "Daddy, are you going to babysit us while mommy is gone." Stephen said, "D'arcy, I'm your dad. It's not called babysitting when mommy leaves me at home with you."

This little story sums up Stephen as a dad. He is 100% a co-parent. He changes diapers, gives baths, reads bed time stories, and enforces time outs. He's even been known to put up a ponytail or two (on more than just his own head). He also has no problem taking all three kids by himself which has allowed me to pursue my photography business and responsibilities at church.

Stephen just started a new job at a company called Exact Target in downtown Indianapolis. The dress code is casual so I wanted to get him a new T-shirt to wear since so many of his beloved T-shirts have holes in them. While perusing the web, I discovered a shirt with this phrase. Read more about the history of this phrase here.

Before he left USAA in May, Stephen was told on multiple occasions that he had a calming effect on the people around him. Our church pastor reiterated this sentiment at our going away party. I began to evaluate how much calmer our home was due to his presence. When I saw this phrase, I thought it was the perfect shirt for him to wear. Just like this blog, this present will be late to arrive. Hopefully it will get here in the next couple of days.

Here are a few shots of Stephen the daddy in action. Enjoy.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

This was our family the day we purchased 402 Willow Grove Dr.

2.5 kids, 3 jobs, and five years later, this was our family on our last day at 402 Willow Grove Dr.

It was a wonderful little house for if we can just convince someone else that it would be a wonderful little house for them.

D'arcy Graduated

June 3rd was D'arcy's last day of kindergarten. Her school put together a full graduation complete with hats, a processional, balloons, songs, cake, and Capri Suns. I brought my camera, but I've expressed before and I'll express again that I hate to wrestle for a spot to photograph my child during an event. Is it possible whatsoever to even get a halfway decent shot? I much prefer to sit back and enjoy the program and preserve it in my memory. I did take just a couple of shots immediately following the program.
D'arcy, of course, will be changing schools in the fall due to our move. I've been really pleased with her experience this year, though. Sending her to the local public school has really allowed our family to become incorporated in our community. We met loads of our neighbors as we walked to school each day. She shared a teacher with kids of all different personalities, colors, and learning capabilities. One of her classmates, Maritsa, has down syndrome. D'arcy came home early in the year telling me of a girl who "spoke like a baby". Maritsa learned to really like D'arcy and would follow her around during recess. D'arcy has come to understand Maritsa's disabilities and her compassion for her has grown.
All I remember doing in kindergarten is coloring letter men, stringing beads in a pattern, and playing with a blue phone. Among other things, D'arcy spent her year learning to read and is gladly using her skill to read to herself and her little brothers. She'll read to you, too, if you come over to the house or take a ride in our car.

I'm parenting a one year old

Schroeder is an active one year old now. If you have forgotten what that means, let me remind you. One year olds are movers. They pick up something you have just put away and carry it to another part of the house. Then, they abandon that item for another. One year olds don't really need toys because they much prefer to move items not intended for them. Schroeder's very favorite items include toothbrushes, toothpaste, batteries, crayons, pencils (really any writing object), and floaties. He also doesn't mind a small lego or a nice book.
One year olds also know more than they can communicate via words. Schroeder knows the sign for "more" and uses it in every situation. He walks over to my feet, says "MAMA!" to get my attention, and then waves his hand furiously in the air in his lazy version of "more". Then I'll try to get him to point at what it is he's looking for.
It's loads of fun to hear him say "Mama"... until it isn't. After I have fed, changed, and hugged him, I assume him saying "Mama" means, "Mama, put me to bed, please." This, I happily oblige. Luckily for him, I don't listen to Julian's advice on naps. When Schroeder touches his toys, Julian firmly announces that Schroeder is fussy and needs a nap.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Augustin & Natalie

I spent my last evening in San Antonio photographing Natalie and Augustin's wedding. It was a beautiful June day perfect for an equally beautiful wedding. Plus, we had some serious barbeque for dinner which was really delicious. Definitely a great last Texas meal! Here are just a few of the photos I captured.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Chase & Chance

I spent my morning with these two tree climbing boys who just turned 4 and 7! They had a great attitude about getting their pictures taken even though I kept switching their names up. I guess getting pictures done isn't so terrible when the photographer tells you to climb a tree, jump on rocks, and race down a path.

Applegate Family

It makes sense that my last family session in Texas was of the Applegate Family, very dear friends of ours. Way back in 2006, they were the first family that I ever photographed "professionally". What doesn't make sense is me spending time editing these photos tonight as I have so much to do in the next 36 hours before we officially leave for our new home in Indiana. I couldn't resist, though. Take a look and see why.