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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Julia is a badass.

I got a text from Julia on the Monday of the Snowpocalypse.  It had snowed a bunch of inches on Sunday and then the temperature dropped forty degrees overnight.  It was at least ten degrees below zero.

Do you want to go to Megan's house?

Granted, Megan's house is less than a mile away, but did I mention that Julia grew up in Florida?  There was no complaining just some shoveling and a little wheel spinning.

And I found this little saying hanging in her Jeep.  Be free people.

Friday, January 17, 2014

Maggie has been three and a half all week long.

I went to my MOPS meeting and they were showing some YouTube videos entitle "Real Conversations with 3 Year Old".  Check them out here.  That's right.  I'm not alone in my plight.

Here are two real conversation with my three year old from today.  We were at Chik-fil-A visiting with a friend.  It was pretty thoughtful of me to meet at a place with a playground.  It was time to leave, though.

Maggie, we need to leave.
I don't want to go.
Let's go get your shoes.
If I have to go get your shoes, I will take away your new Chik-fil-A book.
I'm not going to get my shoes.
Ok, but your book will get taken away.
We'll see about that. (Yes, this is Maggie talking.)
I start to go get her shoes and she beats me there and puts them on.
I did take her book away.

Maggie let's put on your coat.
No, I don't want to get it on.
Do we need to have a "conversation" in the bathroom?
NO!  Oh, but I do need to go pee for real.
Okay, let's get your coat on first.
NO! I need to pee first.
WE head to the bathroom so she can pee and "have a talk".
Maggie sitting on the toilet.
Mom, I need my coat on to pee.

We head to the YMCA to pick up Schroeder from Preschool.

Mom, can I bring in my fruit from Chik-fil-A?
No, you may not.  We are in a hurry.
Commence fit throwing.
I am carrying a baby carrier with P in it and practically dragging Maggie by the hand.
She goes boneless after the first set of doors and refusing to climb the stairs to go inside.
I set P down just inside the second set of doors and come back to carry her up.
I set her down on the chair in the lobby and go up a flight of stairs to get Schroeder.
I can see and hear her the whole way up.  The girl who just refused to come inside is now angry.
Mom, I wanted to go upstairs with you!

Hang in there moms.  The irrationality of it all is kind of funny, really.

D'arcy wrote another poem.

I am small but not invisible.
I wonder about the past.
I hear people laughing all day.
I see the world around me.
I want to live forever.
I am small but not invisible.
I protend when I play.
I feel like dancing today.
I touch the earth.
I worry in the night.
I cry when times are hard.
I am small but not invisible.
I understand I'm hiper.
I say unicorns are real.
I drem I am a princess.
I try to be the best.
I hope I am funny.
I am small but not invisbele.

-D. Edith Williams 9 years old