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Monday, March 29, 2010

First Tooth Lost....Check!

D'arcy lost her first tooth last week. It was loose, then she bumped into a girl at church and it became really loose. I took her to school on Monday morning knowing she wouldn't come home the same. I told the teacher that her tooth was on the verge of coming out. I realized, though, that I was speaking to a kindergarten teacher who has probably handled more than one lost tooth. I didn't need to give him any instructions.
When I picked D'arcy up from school, she was proudly wearing a tooth necklace with her tiny little tooth inside. She had been told by her fellow classmates that a lost tooth might inspire the tooth fairy to come and give her a present. We discussed that the tooth fairy was just me and daddy, but that we might decide to bring her something that night. She put her tooth in the pillow GG had given her that hangs from her doorknob, and mommy decided to put $5 in there. I know, I know, $5 is a ridiculous amount for a tooth, but she had mentioned a week or two ago that she wanted us to go to Whataburger to get a strawberry shake like we did the day before she started school and Whataburger is expensive! That was a run on sentence and these are pictures of her smile sans tiny tooth.


Hannah is a fun, silly first grader. I first had the opportunity to photograph her basketball team a couple of weeks ago. Her family lives down the street from me so her mom picked me up yesterday and we headed to a local park to take some photos just of her. On the way home, we stopped at a little hill full of Texas bluebonnets. Bluebonnets are one of the things I love about Texas, and this year they are blooming wonderfully. I have my fingers crossed that they stay around for a couple more weeks. Hannah is just as pretty as those flowers, though. Take a look!

Sunday, March 28, 2010


This photo shoot was very near and dear to my heart. Schroeder is my baby boy, and he turned one yesterday. We went to Barnes and Noble's Children's section to take these photos. I wanted to try a little bit of a different background. After about an hour of photographing, an employee came over to tell us we weren't allowed to do this due to security concerns. Oh well, I already had plenty of good shots so we packed up and headed out without a fuss. Yep, this boy is cute, and, yep, he looks like me ;).

Friday, March 26, 2010

Happy Birthday Schroeder!

Duren Schroeder Vonnegut Williams was born at 6:04 in the morning on the 27th of March 2009. Unlike his long and complicated name, this little guy has proven himself to be a simple, laid-back kind of fellow. He's a great sleeper, a versatile eater, and he sure does tolerate his older siblings well even though he's been squeezed, dropped, bonked, kissed and hugged to death by them this year. At one, he's standing confidently, walking tentatively, climbing like a two year old, and babbling up a storm. He fully understands the word no (or at least the tone that no is delivered) and is happy to please his mommy and daddy by moving away from cords. He loves cords, though, along with toilets, toilet paper, and the dogs food and water bowls, all banned, of course. He very much enjoys opening every cabinet door within reach, and is eager to pull out everything behind the doors. I'm trying to focus his attention on the tupperware cabinet which I'm totally fine with him throwing into chaos. He shares a room with his older sister and brother who quite frequently get him giggling in his crib. He is soon to be an older brother himself to miss Maggie Lu. I was concerned at first that he wouldn't get his full share of attention with another baby coming so quickly. Now I'm convinced that he might enjoy a little bit of personal space that this new baby might afford him. He has four little teeth that make him look a bit like a hippo, a thin mass of strawberry blond hair, and, of course, the signature blue eyes that all of those Williams kids inherited from their daddy. Most mornings before I take D'arcy to school, I plop him in bed with Stephen where he is content to snuggle. This is a sweet picture. Content, of course, until I return at which time he makes it known that he is hungry. He's happy to go to anyone, but he knows who mommy is which all the mommies in the world can imagine, makes me one very happy lady.
Happy Birthday Schroeder! You were delivered so quickly, it felt like an alien was being expelled from my body. You've turned from that crazy alien Sprocket to a wonderful little boy with lots of spunk.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Jackson Family

After having to postpone a couple of times, I finally had the chance to meet the Jackson family on a very sunny Sunday afternoon. We met at a local park and spent some time walking into the wooded area to find shady spots. We had the pleasure of seeing some deer not too far from us as we took photographs. It's always nice to take pictures of a loving, light-hearted family. Little Elijah made us all laugh at his silly faces. Take a look at some of the moments I captured.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Those Moxley Kids

My sister's pregnancy came to an abrupt and tragic end last Thursday, March 18th. She went into premature labor at 20 weeks gestation and delivered her triplets. Roanin was born first and survived almost two hours. Kade came second and survived for an hour. My sister, in the midst of the delivery, was able to take these brief hours with her sons to pray for them, hold them, and tell them how much she loved them. The doctors were hopeful that labor could be stopped and Nathaniel spared, but unfortunately, his heart stopped beating in utero. He was born last, almost three hours after Roanin and at twice the size, a mere 10 ounces.
I've attempted to write this update several times and have struggled to put into words what it is I want to say. I'm sad that our family will never get a chance to know these boys; to see what color their hair was intended to be, to experience their sense of humor, or to see them interact as triplets. I'm sad that my sister had to give birth to her sons on the same day she had to say goodbye to them. These children were so wanted, so hoped for. I can't imagine the devastation she felt that morning as she delivered them. Thinking of her in that hospital, holding her tiny sons brings tears to my eyes every time.
And, yet, I'm so proud of her for the way she is handling her grief. Because, in the midst of that tragic morning, she took time to take joy in her sons. That's what mothers do. They sacrifice, hope, and pray, and then they enjoy their children. As short as their lives were, just 20 weeks, Connie had already done all these things for them. She was willing to give up her body, her life, her money in the hope that these babies would have an opportunity at a full life. You can imagine, that in the midst of her grief she is asking herself if she could have done more. From my vantage point, though, those boys could not have had a more wise, more sacrificial, more God fearing mommy. She did all that she could.
Now she must remember the very brief time she spent with them, grieve all of the moments she won't have, and somehow allow herself to heal and hope that Nathaniel, Kade, and Roanin will someday have more siblings. This is such a hard road to walk, and I'm praying that God would bring her, her husband Jason, and her five year old, Gabriel continual comfort.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Those Moxley Kids: Update #5 on my sister

Once again, my sister headed to Cincinnati today. The specialists ran their tests and once again confirmed that the babies' hearts have not gotten worse. So, they are putting the surgery off again. They are, though, going to do an amniocentesis to remove the fluid around the recipient twin. They estimate that he has more than a liter of fluid that is taking up everyone's space, both his brothers' and his mother's. Connie is super uncomfortable because one little guy is up under her ribs and she finds it difficult to find a comfortable position. Hopefully removing this fluid with benefit her comfort, the health of the babies, and the outcome of this pregnancy.

Something really cool is that Connie's doctor suggested she get a recliner to prevent blood clots. My sister doesn't own one, but within an hour of posting it on her hospital care page, several of her friends offered her one. It's always great to see peoples' generosity and care come out. In situations like these, people really want to know how they can help and it's cool that her blog is a way to convey her needs.

These babies also have names....but I'm not sure I can share them.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

All things girly

Ballet, bows, "high heals", makeup, dresses, and baby dolls will all be multiplied by two when Teresa Margaret Lucy Williams joins our family in the second half of August (new "official" due date of August 14).

Those Moxley Kids: Update #4 on my sister

I would say this update brings positive news. My sister went for almost 10 days before she finally had another bleeding episode that sent her to the hospital. For the last couple of weeks, she had been to the hospital every 5 days so this hopefully indicates that her bleeding is lighter and taking longer to build up. Her doctor told her that she hoped the bleeds would end altogether by 22-26 weeks.

Connie went to Cincinatti for the 3rd time today fully expecting to have her surgery tomorrow. Unexpectedly, the babies' heart have not worsened and their status was downgraded from 3c to 3b. The doctors were surprised, but decided that instead of going forward with the surgery they would continue to monitor Connie every Thursday and would consider the surgery again when the babies' condition worsened. Sounds like they expect that it will eventually worsen, but will wait, pray, and see.

Connie, in my opinion, is holding up emotionally very well. She is trying to do everything she can to help the babies, but she really doesn't have much control over the situation. If this surgery is inevitable, she really just wants to get it over with. Waiting and wondering is hard. However, hearing that the boys are fairing well is never unwanted news.

She might have an amniocentesis early next week to draw off a lot of the water that is in the recipient twin's sack. There afraid that it is adding additional weight that could cause Connie to go into early labor.

Thanks for your support and prayers. Hopefully, you will feel more confident to pray that these guys continue to tolerate their situation.