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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Those Moxley Kids: Update #4 on my sister

I would say this update brings positive news. My sister went for almost 10 days before she finally had another bleeding episode that sent her to the hospital. For the last couple of weeks, she had been to the hospital every 5 days so this hopefully indicates that her bleeding is lighter and taking longer to build up. Her doctor told her that she hoped the bleeds would end altogether by 22-26 weeks.

Connie went to Cincinatti for the 3rd time today fully expecting to have her surgery tomorrow. Unexpectedly, the babies' heart have not worsened and their status was downgraded from 3c to 3b. The doctors were surprised, but decided that instead of going forward with the surgery they would continue to monitor Connie every Thursday and would consider the surgery again when the babies' condition worsened. Sounds like they expect that it will eventually worsen, but will wait, pray, and see.

Connie, in my opinion, is holding up emotionally very well. She is trying to do everything she can to help the babies, but she really doesn't have much control over the situation. If this surgery is inevitable, she really just wants to get it over with. Waiting and wondering is hard. However, hearing that the boys are fairing well is never unwanted news.

She might have an amniocentesis early next week to draw off a lot of the water that is in the recipient twin's sack. There afraid that it is adding additional weight that could cause Connie to go into early labor.

Thanks for your support and prayers. Hopefully, you will feel more confident to pray that these guys continue to tolerate their situation.

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