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Monday, March 29, 2010

First Tooth Lost....Check!

D'arcy lost her first tooth last week. It was loose, then she bumped into a girl at church and it became really loose. I took her to school on Monday morning knowing she wouldn't come home the same. I told the teacher that her tooth was on the verge of coming out. I realized, though, that I was speaking to a kindergarten teacher who has probably handled more than one lost tooth. I didn't need to give him any instructions.
When I picked D'arcy up from school, she was proudly wearing a tooth necklace with her tiny little tooth inside. She had been told by her fellow classmates that a lost tooth might inspire the tooth fairy to come and give her a present. We discussed that the tooth fairy was just me and daddy, but that we might decide to bring her something that night. She put her tooth in the pillow GG had given her that hangs from her doorknob, and mommy decided to put $5 in there. I know, I know, $5 is a ridiculous amount for a tooth, but she had mentioned a week or two ago that she wanted us to go to Whataburger to get a strawberry shake like we did the day before she started school and Whataburger is expensive! That was a run on sentence and these are pictures of her smile sans tiny tooth.

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