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Friday, January 23, 2015

2014 looked like this.

I want to write about 2014 without boring myself.  So let's do this quick and to the point.

I went to cardiopump almost every Monday morning of 2014.  I walked on the treadmill.  I bought a bike.  I rode that bike up Virginia with fifty pounds of baby girls hitched to me.  I wore my fitbit and hit my ten thousand step goal a couple of times.  I lost nine pounds of that weight I put on when I was pregnant with Penelope and decided I could eat whatever I wanted whenever I wanted.  I'm proud of myself.

I started this book club/dinner club that meets once a month.  We were only able to invite as many people as would comfortably sit around any of our dining room tables.  That way we can eat, linger, talk, and laugh.  Crying is allowed too.  As is true in most group settings, I talk too much.  It's been fun.

Penelope turned one.  Then she turned into a toddler.  It's been so beautiful to watch.

Stephen was working for a start up company, and then he wasn't.  He was told it wasn't a good fit.  But ExactTarget and he fit well together so he took a job back there.  We were relieved, at first, that we didn't get completely screwed by this adventure, but eventually there was some grief and disappointment to wade through.

I told Stephen not to spend money on Valentine's Day since he was, for a brief moment, unemployed.   He surprised me and took me to the City Market so we could renew our vows.  It felt silly standing there in our hoodies, holding our two little girls, repeating the mayors words with dozens of other couples.  Then all of a sudden it felt heavy, strong, and intense.  We both shed a tear.  Well played Stephen Williams.

I finally started that backyard garden.  We grew 500 tomatoes, 15 strawberries, a dozen bunches of basil, and three peppers.

Schroeder started kindergarten which led to a couple of conversations with the principal.  "Yes, he did attend preschool.  Yes, he has been five for six months.  No, he isn't a feral child."  We've persevered and his last report card indicated that despite having lots of days where he is "work avoidant", he is a lovely, learning child.

I painted the trim in our living room white.  I painted the trim in our front room white.  I painted the trim in our dining room white.  I painted................  I'm not done.  It's never ending.

Stephen's brother Joshua eloped.  And then they moved to California.  And now they are having a baby!  Shelly, his wife, has really pretty red hair.

My brother adopted a baby girl.  Katie is my third niece.

My sister delivered a baby boy.  Ryan is my third (sixth) nephew.

I worked to implement a children's lesson each Sunday at church using my Worship Woodworks toys.  I've collected lots of these toys this year with the hope that they will help me share my faith with my kids.  Hoping that my children will use them to share their faith with their kids.

This summer, I got these sores on my feet from walking around barefoot.  I couldn't walk or stand without pain for literally five months.  Around month four, I finally walked into a CVS to try to find a medical cure for my ailment.  Five dollars and three weeks of steady application, my feet our back to normal.  This story should indicate that I'm stupid and ridiculous.  Also, I'm not going to do well as an old, ailing person.

I took a lot of pictures with my iphone this year.  I feel continually guilty that I have abandoned my trusty, high performing dslr for this cracked, pixelated tool.  #southeastindyhouses #thosewilliamskids #williamstimestamp

Our travels took us to Washington DC and our beloved Edisto Island.  Stephen and I drove Zuzu to Story, Indiana.  Stephen went to San Francisco for some work related mission and I to Louisville for a MOPS conference with my friend Christie.  I am a professional mom.  I feel like I'm always hungry to visit new places.  But I'm also hungry to have a life here, uninterrupted by constant travel, to explore our home, our city and state.  Thankfully the sheer cost of moving seven persons anywhere for too long helps me balance those two desires.

My grandpa died.  He was ninety and beloved.  He was my last surviving grandparent.  It's been good to reflect on the relationship I had with him even if he was a quiet man and difficult to know very well.

Stephen and I spent some time envisioning our future.  Most of what we had written down during premarital counseling has come to pass.  We've moved.  We've had kids.  We've bought a house.  But what's next?

I think we came to the conclusion that we could make a list of to dos.  But if we are busy completing this to do list, we might not have time or energy to do the unexpected that pops up in our life.  We have an open road in front of us, and we've decided to travel it with open eyes and hearts.

Oh, and also, I got to be mom to these five kids everyday.