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Monday, October 11, 2010


Last night, I woke up in the middle of the night to nurse Miss Maggie Lu. I love being a mom to four kids. Before I fell back to sleep, I found myself brainstorming ideas for an engagement session coming up this Saturday. I love being a photographer. There is one person who makes being both simultaneously possible, my husband.
This is a long overdue blog post. I need to publicly say Thank You to the peeps who have made this little business of mine possible.
So thanks, Stephen, for watching the kids on the weekend while I go driving all over the city taking pictures of people you don't know. Thanks for asking me how it went, and listening to me stress about something trivial. And thanks for spending time looking at the pictures I've taken (again, of people you don't know) and pointing out what you like and dislike about them. Thanks for telling me I'm worth more than I charge, even though I role my eyes every time you say it. Thanks for spending hours upon hours making my website better than all those flash sites (no offense flash site owners :P). I love that you seem to like me more because I'm going after something that I want.

So the obvious person to thank is my husband. But there is someone else who I give almost an equal amount of credit for making me the little photographer entrepreneur that I am, my friend JOY!
So thanks, Joy, for referring Brad and Tatiana to me. I'm still not sure what you saw in my work way back then, but every time you asked me to help you with a project, it was a huge boost to my confidence. I've learned a lot from seeing how you work. I've been inspired by the blogs you've referred me to. Your critiques have developed me. Our "photography friendship" has been a big part in my drive to get learn more about my equipment, to develop a style, and to be more assertive during sessions. I hope that our friendship (both photography and otherwise) lasts even from a far.

These are from a project Joy and I worked on together.

Of course, thanks to my clients, especially the Moerdyk Family and the Cox Family. You guys used me way back in the day, and to my surprise, called me back! And to my greater surprise and delight, told your friends! Seriously, about 75% of my business in San Antonio stemmed from your two families! I'm sad that I won't be photographing your families again this year.

Gracie & Dylan Cox above.
Moerdyk family below.

Missing my old clients, but always thrilled to meet new ones. Glad to be in Indy!
Cheers, Mel

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  1. Your hubby is could and should charge more! Your work is amazing and we had a blast with you on Saturday! Sounds like some Texas sized shoes to fill, but hopefully we can help be your new Indianapolis referral source!

    Thanks again!

    AJ, Angel, & Ari