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Monday, June 8, 2009

We have ourselves a giggler

Schroeder had his two month appointment on Friday, May 29th. He weighed in at 12 pounds, and the doctor told me that he is "perfect". Well, I already knew that :).
He shared with us his very first laugh this morning. We have this toy that babys can lay under and look at little rattles that hang down. He sat under this toy for forty five minutes this morning. He was kicking his legs and hitting the rattles. I'm sure he wasn't completely aware that the sound of the rattles was directly related to his kicking, but it sure did entertain him. When it was time to eat, I went to pick him up off the floor, and D'arcy and Julian were there to coo at him. Now that he can focus on faces, he is responding with lots of little dimpled smiles, and today, he added a little giggle. His siblings are loving watching his personality develop. Julian keeps telling me that Schroeder is his friend.
Yesterday, we went to the swimming pool in our neighborhood. He loved the water, and even let me lay him down like he was floating (no I didn't let go).
Below is a picture of Schroeder in the state I found him after my shower. The culprit is in the photo as well.

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