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Friday, May 22, 2009

A little interaction

My week has been hectic for sure, but Schroeder's interactions with us have brightened up my otherwise gloomy week. This morning, Julian came into my room for some reason or another. Schroeder gave him a smile which Julian thought was pretty funny. Julian began to laugh which made Schroeder even happier. They looked at each other for a couple of minutes, Julian laughing, and Schroeder periodically smiling and cooing. It was the first interaction between brothers. It was a fun moment.

Another bright moment in the week came last weekend. Some people from our community group were planning to see Star Trek on Sunday evening. Both of us wanted to go so Stephen decided to post a status on Facebook requesting a babysitter. Sunday morning, a couple from our church came in the door and asked, "What time do you want us at your house tonight?" They said that I looked pretty shocked (because I was!). They came over later that evening, watched all three kids, and even gave us money to go out!

When we got home, our babysitters informed us that Schroeder is, in her words, the most vocal infant they have ever met. We had been noticing that he makes a lot of noise. At church, when he nurses, we get a lot of people turning around because he is making these little squeaky satisfied gulping noises. He isn't fussy...just talkative. Where does this come from? : )

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