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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Julian had a tough day.

Julian had a tough day. As we were leaving the grocery store, he was riding on the front of the shopping cart when he fell and somehow got his thumbnail caught in the cart. It came about 75% of the way off. I then had to use tweezers to pull the rest of the hanging nail free. Now he has no thumb nail. I'm sure it will grow back, right? It was not the thumb he sucks. I'm not sure if that's blessing. Maybe he could have kicked the habit in the time it will take for the new thumbnail to grow in. At the same time, it would have been really hard to go through this trauma without the comfort of his thumb.

He spent a lot of the day asking to be held, and asking me to put Schroeder or my camera down. I had my camera on because D'arcy graduated from preschool. She received a trophy for her accomplishment. He asked about twenty times if he could go get his trophy, and was really upset when I told him he wasn't going to receive one today. Today was a hard day to be the "middle" child. Too young to go to preschool, and too old to be held all the time.