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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Little Happenings

No grand events happening here. Just lots of little happenings to smile about. Julian's vocabulary is ever growing. My favorite is Nosssee. Many times he puts his finger as far up his nose as possible to make sure we understand his meaning. My other favorite is "Yesh sher". This is what he must say if he "understands" are words of correction. He has also been learning what formal punishment is. He has to stand in the corner for one minute when he does something wrong (His sister stands for 3 minutes based on age). He has carefully watched D'arcy to see how this corner thing should be played out.
"Julian, eat your food."
"Ok, go stand in the corner."
Obediently, he goes to the corner and gives out a little whine. That's what his big sister does, right? After a minute, he comes back to the table and without hesitation eats his food. I don't think he eats his food because the corner is so terrible. Instead, he understands that being obedient is the obvious next step to this punishment thing.

D'arcy is really craving the attention of older kids. When we go to a playground, she enters and firmly announces, "Hi, my name is D'arcy Williams. Do you want to play?" A couple of times recently, she has gotten lucky and found a willing participant. Stephen is threatening to never teach her our phone number or address because he's afraid that her greeting will change to, "Hi, My name is D'arcy Williams. My address is .... and my SSN is ... Do you want to play?"
Our sweet girl, who can't go to bed without exchanging the phrase "See you in the morning! Moooommmm, say see you in the morning!", is now officially signed up for preschool. She has asked a couple of times if it is fall yet. I have to remind her that summer is a time she does not want to miss.
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  1. Melissa, I loved Oregon. It's such beautiful country. My friends moved out there from Indiana. They fell in love with it during there first visit. If you haven't been yet, you and Stephen should definitely go.