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Monday, May 19, 2008

D'arcy Date

Stephen took D'arcy on a date Friday night. The youth from our church were going to see Narnia: The Return of Prince Caspian at 10pm on Friday. We decided that if she took a long nap she could go. Of course, on Friday at naptime, D'arcy was insistent that she no longer wanted to go to the movie and therefore did not need to take a nap. Mommy didn't buy that one. After a not-as-long-as-mommy-wanted nap, D'arcy woke up asking, "Is it time for Narnia?" Eventually it was, and D'arcy decided she wanted to wear her Christmas dress that Grammy had bought for her. Even though it was well over 90 degrees here in San Antonio, we put on her black velvet and red dress and put her hair in braids with some ribbons interwoven. Sorry, no pictures of this one. Mommy wasn't in the mood to pull the camera out. She did stay awake throughout the whole movie, and came back with a report that she really enjoyed it.

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