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Monday, May 7, 2012

What can one do in a decade? (Stephen's response to my question "Do you want to write a guest blog about turning 30?")

So tomorrow is the 5th of May. Some cultures refer to this day as Cinco de Mayo. Others speak of the day after “May the 4th be with you”. Mel and I refer to it as our birthday. This one they say is special for me. I’ll be 30. In honor of this momentous occasion Mel asked me to be a guest blogger. Here is my attempt at fulfilling this request.

30 years is a lot to reflect on. Considering a recent revelation that I honestly remember much less of my life than the average person I won't bore you with an attempt to tap into the first 20 years. In fact even thinking about reflecting on the last 10 years had me fairly nervous and fearful I would not be able to give my wife the one thing she asked for. Fortunately, I recently had another revelation, I like talking a lot about birth stories.

You don’t get the connection do you. That’s ok. This is my first post. It may take a little while to pick up on my train of thought. Well the train is leaving the station. Either get on board or go check your pinterest again. I’m curious if mel will delete this paragraph.

While shocking my co-workers once again with the statement, “I caught my last child”. It dawned on me that the last 10 years has been a whirlwind of activity. In no particular order with it fresh in my mind I sit to capture these thoughts in appropriate professional built point fashion.

  • Married my high school sweathart
  • Anderson for sleeping, Indianapolis for working, Upland for learning
  • Return home to message from wife out to rescue an English Bulldog
  • Informed fellow dungeon inmates (college computer lab) my social experiment of child rearing would soon be underway (begin count down to D’arcy)
  • Graduated with no shoes
  • Coached my wife through 24 hrs of induced labor (14 ish minus epidural)  and a c-section
  • Began seriously considering if we wanted to be known for being as earthy as home births seemed
  • Started what will now be forever known as the nomadic years (Anderson -> Greenwood -> San Antonio (apartment) -> Job 1 -> Job 2 -> San Antonio (house) -> layoff -> Job 3 -> Plotting for Portland -> Greenwood Instead -> Job 4 -> Fletcher Place
  • Discovering the kindred spirits of Vineyard San Antonio
  • D’arcy informs the world of the immanent arrival of a siblling
  • Research discovers San Antonio is home to the largest concentrations of certified midwifes and our new church has a slew of home birth experience
  • mel and i discuss the relaties of how to do the midwife thing and still be close to a hospital (a.k.a. stephen visits hotels in medical center, but l
    • oving pastor and my surrogate mother for 5 years offers her home as a perfect middle point between home and hospital
  • Late evening into early morning, many sore bones, warmed lasagna leftovers, breakfast in bed, Julian is proof mel is not too short
  • Lay off and contract gigs and Costa Rica and security guard checkpoints
  • First getaway for “second honeymoon” surprise Schroeder’s on the way
  • Wonderful new birth center built to make the decision of where to meet our new addition that much easier
  • Baby boy’s grand hour plus ish escape from the womb makes decision null and void
  • More security guard checkpoints plus babysitting contractors on the other side of the planet at 3 a.m.
  • 5 year plan nears it’s end and mysteries of Portland loom ahead
  • Family (ours, mine, hers) brings a change in schedule
  • Maggie Lu wants to join in the fun
  • Change address on resume and everyone wants a piece of me
  • Back to Greenwood (old faces, new places)
  • Discover FSQ and Fletcher Place and Indy is the new mini Portland
  • “Emergency Childbirth: A Manual”, good read, midwife concures
  • Manual unnecessary from my side of the story, with mel doing the work all you need is a clean towel
  • 6 strong plus our bully we settle in deepening our roots in a house appropriately aged

Wow that brings us about up to speed. Turns out that was more a timeline of family, home, and work history. I have many an incite on who I was at the beginning of 20 and who I am now that 30 is literally hours away but it may need to be saved for another entry.

Certainly this speaks to how full the last 10 years have been and the next 10 years will be. I’m pleased to announce the nomadic years have come to a close. I once was told two and a half years in a tech job is average. Each month Indianapolis looks less like Naptown and more like Mini Portland or the Silicon Prairie. I’m looking forward to playing my part in skewing that number. I also look forward to tweaking the population of this house ever so slightly. A family born and raised in Indy.

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