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Thursday, May 24, 2012

What are you doing this summer?

I strive to be a mom from 1976.  In my mind, a mom from 1976 was satisfied with public schools and didn't pray about school choice before each school year.  She let her kids play outside without her supervision and didn't worry constantly about them being snatched.  This mom didn't structure play time or find it necessary to always be playing with her children (although occasionally she did).  Her kids were often left with stretches of free time that could lead to boredom.  This mom didn't think safety was the trump card in all situations.  She wasn't afraid to feed her baby milk before their first birthday.  And she didn't scour Google for vaccination information.   Her kids didn't get baths every day.
(I also want to mention that I strive to be a little bit hippy when it comes birthing, nursing, and caring for my infants, but I don't necessarily see that ideal with my older kids.)
Ok, I wasn't alive in 1976 and have no way of knowing if this was an accurate portrayal of a 1976 mother.  Maybe this is all in my head.  You'll be happy to know that I've embraced the use of car seats and cribs without lead paint, though.
I'm saying all this because summer is approaching and I have to make decisions about what our schedule will look like over the next two months while keeping in mind my 1976 mom ideal.  Truely, if I didn't have D'arcy who when left with long stretches of free time will be both my most creative child as well as my child most likely to describe herself as bored, I would have less to think about.  The boys play endlessly outside with sticks, in the house with legos, and, yes, on their atari  wii.  So because I will inevitably be asked what we will be doing tomorrow, I need ammunition.  So this is what we will be doing this summer.

Swimming at my parents pool at least once a week (Working on getting Julian and even Schroeder swimming on their own.)
Tennis Lessons (Monday & Wednesday @ Garfield Park for eight weeks for only $15!)
Life Point's Evening Vacation Bible School July 16-20
Edisto Island, SC Vacation June 22-July 1(We will be stopping by Stephen's family reunion on the way there and the (K)notles' house in Atlanta on the way back.  Brilliantly, it looks like for the first time I will manage to go to Edisto without having a baby in the womb.)
Continued Piano lessons every Monday afternoon
Indianapolis Public Library's Summer Reading Program

And hopefully some of the below...
Walking trip to the Downtown Farmer's Market
Walking trip to the local park.
Trip to the Children's Museum
Riding Bikes on the Monon Trail
Camping in the backyard
Walking and picnic on the canal

And definitely some of the below...
Vast expanses of free time
Climbing the neighbor's tree
Using sticks as guns
Playing in the sprinkler (I should buy one) and slip n' slide

and even a little...

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  1. sounds like fun I might want to tag along on a few of those adventures.