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Monday, May 14, 2012

Maggie Lu is talking.

We weren't worried, but we did ask the doctor about Maggie's vocabulary. In my memory, all of our kids were speaking more often than Maggie at this age. The doctor said that fourth children many times get spoken for so the need to speak isn't as acute. Now, with each passing day, she is adding words to her vocabulary or willingly repeating us. Before I forget, I wanted to document the handful of words she thought were necessary to use before speech was her main form of communication. Most of them are relational, Mama, Dada, D'arcy, Begbie, Hi, bye. She knows the word dog. We met our friend's bunny the other day and she shouted "DOG!". She also uses a few for what she wants you to do with her, up and my very favorite stuck. I feel like we taught all the others, but stuck is something she picked up from Schroeder out of necessity. She uses it as an alternative for down when she is in her crib or high chair. She uses it when a gate is in the way of her getting what she wants. She uses it when she can't get her coat unzipped by herself. I suspect she inherited a bit of claustrophobia from me.
She says D'arcy super clearly, especially when she hears D'arcy's bus pull up. She runs to the door to greet her with a big hug which, of course, D'arcy loves. I was cleaning the house one afternoon and found them in the piano room together reading.

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