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Monday, April 30, 2012

The closest I get to scrap booking.

I've mentioned several times in my task list posts that I'm working on a first year book for Maggie Lu. It took me longer to complete than I had hoped mostly due to the fact that I thought I had all my pictures organized but then kept realizing that there were holes in my story. Then I had to go searching through my archives looking for missing shots. So if you attempt a book, my suggestion is to have your pictures truly organized before starting the process.
My first year books read like a little storybook. I keep it sweet and simple so that I can read it to my little ones before bedtime. Julian and Schroeder have taken a lot of joy in reading their stories. D'arcy unfortunately has one of those old fashioned photo albums. You know, the ones where you slip single pictures into plastic pockets. This is because she was born prior to us owning a digital camera. She is officially ancient, and I'm 23 years older than ancient. I'm hoping to one day scan her pictures in, though.
Shutterfly has way to many options for backgrounds and themes. I try to keep it simple with using only two backgrounds that repeat and the same size and type of font. You'll also notice that many of my spreads have my favorite photo featured on one side and the mirage of supporting pictures on the other. I don't overlap photos (something I've finally decided I agree with Joy on :)).
I thought I would share and maybe it will inspire.

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