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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

I'm finishing what I started this week.

I'm Fantastic at starting projects and less fantastic at finishing them up. I'm also less than fantastic at deciding how much is too much to take on in a given amount of time. I think that's called time management. So not only did I not fully complete the projects I was working on several weeks ago like finishing up Maggie Lu's first year book and putting finishing touches on D'arcy and Julian's room, I spent the last two weeks starting different projects that I didn't finish. So the next several weeks I'll be trying to finish what I started and trying not to start.
Finish painting dining room.
Finish sewing skirts with D'arcy.
Finish sending AJ and Sarah's album for design now that I finally got access to FTP server.
Follow up with Tad (our realtor) about his recommendation of who should come look at our sagging dining room floor.
Write blog post update on my mom.
Make & send out one WGP cd a day.
Edit, edit, edit all those pictures I took over the last ten days.
Go back to working out each day with wii dance. (spring break is over)
Read 1 Samuel 25&26.
LAUNDRY & bathrooms!

One thing I really needed to start this week but felt overwhelmed by got done with only about five minutes of my time. We have an extremely large pine tree (i think) in our front yard. It is taller than our house, and some of it's branches were dangerously close to falling on us. I needed to call a tree trimmer, but was first going to have to research and find one. I noticed a tree trimming truck show up down the street yesterday and decided that I should ask them if they wanted some add on business. Twenty minutes and thirty bucks later our tree was effectively trimmed. I count this as a small miracle.

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