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Monday, February 27, 2012

Maybe blogging my weeks goals will keep me accountable...

Get all my tax documents, including my WGP earnings (I do pay taxes on those), in order and hand them over to my awesome father-in-law who will do some magic. (Need to wrestle up a few more details to finish things up. No magic happened though. Darn it, we made too much money this year!)
Get a little something for each of my birthday relatives. (We get to celebrate three birthdays in Bloomington tomorrow night.)
Read 1 Samuel 19 & 20.
Organize the hot mess that is my closet.
Work out each day with Wii Dance and keep track of my Weight Watcher points. (Total Fail!)
Make a baby shower, wedding, and birthday card with some of my photos.
Find a new home for the microwave on my back porch and find new places for plastic tubs.
Work on ABC puzzle with Schroeder.
Get AJ & Sarah's photos submitted for album design. Create Album worksheet for future clients. (Started but didn't finish.)
Sign up to take a meal to the new parents in our church.

This weeks goals:

Install the Screen door I purchased six months ago on our back porch. We took this one off already.

Create an etsy shop for all my very random photo creations. I don't have any hope of selling anything, but it will feel good to have my silly creations out there.
Read 1 Samuel 21 & 22
Finish up AJ & Sarah's photos to submit for album design. Create Album worksheet for future clients.
Work out each day with Wii Dance and eat from the core program during most breakfasts and lunches*.
Get the rest of my tax documents in order so we can get this over with. Have Stephen change our deductions.
A few small, misc. organization projects (my sink, back corner of kitchen, & misc. goodwill items in D'arcy & Julian's room, girls hair stuff).
Buy Schroeder's birthday present and think about party.
Finish up items for MOPS Favorite Things and maybe start a photo blog series.
Talk to Joy about practical blog series for this year.

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