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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Maybe blogging my weeks goals will keep me accountable.

My friend is blogging her weekly goals here. I'm enjoying following her progress. I thought maybe blogging some of my goals might help me actually achieve some of them. I have so many projects rattling around in my head. If I don't prioritize them and write them down, I'll end up getting overwhelmed and getting nothing accomplished. So here goes...

Buy printer paper and print bible worksheets out for D'arcy and Julian to take each week to church.

Make the valentine's card for Stephen that is currently residing in my brain.

Work on special Stephen blog post.

Make 5 greeting cards with some of my photos.

Work out each day with Wii dance and keep track of my Weight Watcher points.

Finally clean off my back porch and take all that junk to goodwill.

Read 1 Samuel 16-18.

Keep working on colors with Schroeder. (If I ask him what color an item is he just pulls a name of a color out of his head, but if I say which one is orange or blue he points to the right one.)

We'll leave it at that, and I'll be back in a week to let you know what actually got done.

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