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Friday, February 10, 2012

Birth Photography

You might remember that I took January off to catch my breath and regroup. I spent a lot of time thinking about how I wanted to evolve my little nano business. It's important for me to take pictures that are real, candid, and help us remember some of the sweet moments in life. A few of my sweetest moments came when I delivered my babies (one born in hospital and three at home). For my third birth, It finally occurred to me to have someone come document the experience. Then something strange happened. I gave birth in less than an hour. My photographer and friend, Joy, didn't make it. However, she did catch some wonderful, treasured moments within minutes of his arrival. Here is one of my very favorites.
When I'm thinking about having a fifth baby, I desire to have the birth photographed more than I desire a typical newborn session. I have hope that a photographer might be able to make it because, right now, a great one lives across the street (although I have no idea is she wants to see me give birth).

Missing beta's birth has got me thinking of how much I would love to capture these moments for others. So, I'm going to be offering my services to photograph births (both home births or ones in a hospital). I'll be charging $300 for each delivery. I'll arrive when you reach late, active labor, and I'll stay until the newborn check is done (approx 4 hrs). Here is a moment I captured during one of my friend's births several years ago. Baby had taken a few seconds to breath, and this was the moment when he finally decided to cry. So sweet.

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