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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

I like his Valentine's Day Style.

Here is the special "Stephen" blog post. I don't need ya'll to fall in love with him, but this blog is more for me than anyone.
Stephen is a great gift giver. For Christmas, he found the perfect vintage, swivel chair for my computer desk and the perfect mug that looks like a camera lens. These items are romantic because they were items I wanted (and needed) and he took time to pick out the perfect one. But just after Christmas comes Valentine's Day, and just a few months later comes the month of May when we celebrate our birthdays, Mother's Day, and our anniversary. It's hard to keep a steady stream of thoughtful gifts coming. So we have this easy gift giving relationship. We've never agreed to skip gift giving. I know a lot of couples do that. Giving and getting is important to both of us. We make an effort. Sometimes a big idea strikes us, and sometimes it's a small notion. Sometimes, we recognize that the holiday snuck up on us and our hands are a bit empty. It's all okay. It's easy, and I like that.
We hadn't made any plans to go out this year. Yesterday, I hastily texted our friend Becka who agreed to come over and watch the babies so we could have a morning coffee date. Simple but sweet. This gave me a chance to take some photos of my hubby to show off his lumberjack, hipster style that he is rocking these days. It involves a lot of layers, a little bit of corduroy, and maybe a bit too much hair. We were greeted this morning by a white layer of snow (as opposed to a purple one). It was a lovely, but is already melting and dripping away.

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