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Monday, February 20, 2012

Maybe blogging my weeks goals will keep me accountable...

Years ago, the company I was working for at the time sent me to a Franklin Covey training class. Franklin Covey makes those awesome day planners. I swore by my Franklin Covey for years, but eventually upgraded to an iPhone, Google Contacts and Calendar, and simple Notepad for lists. I work best when I have a list. So many things are running around in my head, and it's great to put them down to focus my attention. One thing I learned from my Franklin Covey class is that before you make a list you must first identify your values a.k.a. What is worth your time? It's important to make your to do list with your values in mind. If I make a to do list and it only has house work or house projects on it then I'm going to end up feeling like other important areas of my life are being neglected.

Here were my goals for last week.

Buy printer paper and print bible worksheets out for D'arcy and Julian to take each week to church. (Accomplished! I printed a couple of months of worksheets out to go with a portion of the new testament I'll read to them before or during church.)

Make the valentine's card for Stephen that is currently residing in my brain. (Accomplished! I think he loved it.)

Work on special Stephen blog post. (Accomplished! Check it out here.)

Make 5 greeting cards with some of my photos. (I made three complete ones that are ready to be ordered.)

Work out each day with Wii dance and keep track of my Weight Watcher points. (I worked out everyday but Friday. I did a half a-- job with tracking my points. Yikes, I hate doing that, and yet it's crucial to losing weight the right way. I have lost a bit of weight, though. My clothes are a little looser and my belt can be pulled a little tighter.

Finally clean off my back porch and take all that junk to goodwill. (All the junk is now at Goodwill. There are still some non-junk items that need to find a home, though.)

Read 1 Samuel 16-18. (Read and discussed with my home group.)

Keep working on colors with Schroeder. (Not formally, but we did work on numbers once this week.)

I also accomplished a couple of other items that weren't on my list. I cleaned off my desk, finished editing a couple of photo sessions (still have to finish Beta's session, though), and took photos of my eight month old nieces.

So what is up for this week?

Get all my tax documents, including my WGP earnings (I do pay taxes on those), in order and hand them over to my awesome father-in-law who will do some magic.

Get a little something for each of my birthday relatives. (We get to celebrate three birthdays in Bloomington tomorrow night.)

Read 1 Samuel 19 & 20.

Organize the hot mess that is my closet.

Work out each day with Wii Dance and keep track of my Weight Watcher points.

Make a baby shower, wedding, and birthday card with some of my photos.

Find a new home for the microwave on my back porch and find new places for plastic tubs.

Work on ABC puzzle with Schroeder.

Get AJ & Sarah's photos submitted for album design. Create Album worksheet for future clients.

Sign up to take a meal to the new parents in our church.

I'm hoping your to do list reflects what you value the most!

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