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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Inspiration 2012: Photography

Several years ago, I worked on a couple of photography projects with my friend Joy. She brought the vision and ideas to the project and I brought the equipment and technical knowledge to make her vision happen. On both projects, she had these big stacks of inspiration photos that she had scoped out on the internet and printed. I had mixed feelings about these stacks. Of course, you want your photography to be your own. You want to capture images that flow from the current situation, light, and beauty of the moment. I didn't and still don't want to simply replicate good photos. Stacks of inspiration photos can make you feel trapped, trying hard to replicate. OR they can help you get a feel for what you love, where to begin, and what is possible.
Pinterest has digitized Joy's idea of inspiration photos. I joined a couple of month's ago with the hope of finding new recipes. People say they find it addicting. I didn't need another addiction. I've been cautious to not spend too much time or pin stuff that isn't super meaningful to me. I created a board called Photography Inspiration and just today started to fill it up with pictures I love, both ones I've taken and ones I've seen on other blogs.
I'm on a journey to discover who I am as a photographer. It's my job to take the beauty that I see in a moment and capture it via my camera. I deliver my little bit of beauty to you hoping you'll treasure it. It's important that my client's like and trust my perspective. That's the only way our relationship is going to benefit both of us.
I really like photographing all kinds of life situations. I like to photograph weddings and births. Children and couples. I even got to take some boudoir shots last week which were tons of fun. Recently, I've been trying hard to find my voice doing newborn shoots. There are loads of beautiful photos in what I'll call "anne geddes for the modern 2012 woman & baby" style. And while these photos are beautiful, they aren't the kind of newborn photos that I want to take.
But, what else is there? Well, pinterest helped me explore that a little more today. Take a look at my current Photography Inspiration board and follow along as I add more to it. I'm trying to decide if I should sub divide into different categories. We'll see. For now, there are a lot of newborn and maternity shots.

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