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Monday, February 6, 2012


Dear Beta,
Your mommy and I became friends when I moved to Texas, but after a time, I had to move back to Indiana to be close to my family.  Your mommy confided in me for years, expressing her desire to start a family.  Unfortunately, life presented so many obstacles.  She and your daddy have worked so hard over the last years to carve out a space for you in their lives.  They wanted to make sure you would be provided for in the best of ways.  With prayer and counsel and sacrifice and compromise, they are finally able to welcome you into their arms.
Your mommy emailed me a picture to announce you were on your way, and I was so excited.  You have brought me many tears of joy.  I wish I could be at your birth and photograph the expression of your mommy when you come into the world, but I don't know what day you'll choose to come.  So, instead, I came down for your baby shower.  I got to take loads of pictures of your little family.  I hope they will always confirm to you how much you are loved and wanted.
Love, Mel
P.S.  I told your mom and dad to pretend I wasn't in the room and talk about names.  They didn't fall for it.  All I got was they are thinking about naming you after me, but I think that was a joke.


  1. Adorable. Great job Mel!

  2. Gorgeous! Love how intimate these are.

  3. Very Nice Ben --- Wish you both the best of luck --- Congrats on the new arrival.... You will make an AWESOME Dad... Congrats again - the pics are beautiful.

  4. Awesome photos of one of the sweetest couples I know! What a pleasure it is to work with them as they travel on their journey to parenthood! Everyone is so excited to meet Beta and I'm truly honored to have such a special role in Beta's arrival....