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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Kids say the darndest things...

Julian was looking over my shoulder one day while I was editing this photo and came to this decision.
"Mom, I don't ever want to get married."
"Why not Julian?"
"Because they have to pin a flower on you and that would hurt."  (Not sure why he thinks it would go through his skin.)
Stephen heard about this and told him he found a woman that was worth the pain of having a flower pinned to him.  

I'm going to Texas with Maggie Lu and D'arcy this coming week.  D'arcy was kind of waving this fact in Julian's face.
Julian says, "I don't even care."
D'arcy says, "Aren't you going to miss mommy?"
Julian, "Yeah, but this will be my first time just chilling with the boys."

On another radom not on the way to the Super Bowl Village downtown today D'arcy pointed out a black car and said "That must be the paparazzi."  Julian follows it up with yelling, "I hate mosquitos!"

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