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Sunday, January 29, 2012

I love your style.

Julian likes what is comfy.  He much prefers T-shirts with Star Wars or Superheroes over ones with stripes.  He likes a good pair of boots, cowboy or winter are acceptable.
It isn't uncommon for me to ask D'arcy to edit her look (think Tim Gunn from Project Runway), but I couldn't ask her to take this off.
Stephen has become a layers man.  His corduroy jacket is from urban outfitters and was inspired by a 70's suit jacket that was given to him by a friend of ours from Texas. That one had this spot on the back which I tried to get out but made worse.  He didn't mind the spot so much, but I interceded on his behalf.
D'arcy wears this or her hand me down flower girl dress every Sunday to church.  She has always preferred dresses.  She would have no problem wearing red tights and high heeled shoes in the dead of winter but these boots represent her more practical side.

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  1. I love their style SO much too! I love their personalities (and yours) that comes out in what they where. I feel like it shows the beautiful freedom they are given to just be themselves...I think that comes from the beautiful freedom you and Stephen have to be yourselves. And I love that i have seen you dress Maggie in a Led Zeppelin t-shirt and a army tank barrette! ha ha!