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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Just Dance

So I stopped drinking Mountain Dew almost a month ago. Here are the changes I've noticed. I pee more often. My teeth don't feel as dirty. That's it.

To my chagrin, I did not lose any noticeable weight. Remember when I told you that after D'arcy was born I gave up Mountain Dew and lost a considerable amount of weight in just two months? Well, I was realizing that I also did the core Weight Watchers Diet which meant I only ate no or low fat items, lean meets, and whole grains. Plus I was breastfeeding for twenty minutes every three hours.

So I didn't lose weight, and I'm at this weight that gives me determination. Whenever I hit this size, my pants are getting tight and I feel uncomfortable in my own skin. It's a feeling that wakes me up and drives me to take drastic exercising.

I have this mental hang up with exercising. Shouldn't physical activity be this natural occurrence in life? Why do we drive everywhere and take the elevator and then spend a bunch of time every day hanging out in a gym? When did this concept of walking in place or biking in place two miles come about? Probably the same year that Little Debbie Snacks were invented.

With that being said, It's important to me to find a way of exercising that I enjoy and can keep up. I don't want to start something that is both boring and painful and time consuming. So, I've decided to use my wii and do Wii Dance each day. They have a sweat option and will roughly calculate how many sweat points you earn with each song. I'm taking the 1000 sweat point option. Sweat points don't correlate to any actual calorie amount...

If I do Wii Dance everyday for a month (give or take a day or two), I'll give myself permission to purchase one of the other versions as these songs will eventually get on my nerves. I've done it for a week and have already noticed some changes.

Why do you care? I'm not sure, but my friend Carrie has been recording her goals recently and she has inspired me. If my goals are lame, go visit her blog here.

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  1. Thanks for the mention!! Weight loss can be a real pain in the rear. I completely agree--shouldn't we be moving enough throughout the day that we don't have to actually "work out" ??? I do great with that during the summers, but if I want to maintain weight in the winter, you'll find me flailing around my basement around 6 am each morning. Hang in there.