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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Inspiration 2012: Blogging

My friend Julia suggested I check out this blog.  So this morning I woke up before every one else at 7:45 and pulled my ipad (thanks mom and dad!) into bed with me to give it a look.  Her most recent post was titled "Dealing with Criticism".  Unlike her, I don't have a gazillion people reading my blog and making comments so I don't really get a lot of criticism.  My sister told me once that I sounded a little "know-it-all-ish" at times.  The point was taken (stay tuned for a blog that will solidify in your mind that I am not the best _______ ).   What was most inspiring about this post and applicable to me was the four little rules she came up with regarding blogging.  Here they are.

  • It’s your blog.
  • Be who you are. That is enough.
  • Try to give the good feedback as much weight as the bad.
  • Do all things with love.
A facebook friend asked if anyone had any advice in regards to her starting a blog.  Her first comment was "have something interesting to say".  Yikes!  See the first rule.  

I really enjoy blogging which is the only reason why I have sustained it at this level for this length of time.  It pleases me when I hear other people read what I have to say, and I have to admit, I wouldn't be as devoted if I wasn't receiving some response.  Primarily, blogging has fulfilled my long time desire to journal, and I get the most joy when I go back and have a chance to reminisce. 

And in regards to the blog, be warned of possible addiction and the desire for perfect stuff which could lead to inspiration or discontent.   

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  1. Hey I have been following the younghouselove blog for like a year and half eveyday! They are awesome and as stated I get sucked in ! And im pumped you have one too!