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Saturday, January 14, 2012

I went to a baby shower today which explains the content of this blog.

As soon as Maggie turned one, D'arcy declared that it was time for us to have another baby. If it was up to her we would end up with 10 kids and counting. I don't know exactly when we came up with the number five, but at some point that's the number that stuck. It's enough kids to give us this big not quite perfectly balanced family. We have to break this girls and boys tie. It's small enough that we can drive a regular mini van and not lose our minds. Each kid is not just one more mouth to feed but another heart to shepherd. I definitely felt overwhelmed with four, but we went from three to four so quickly. That fifth kid is already in our hearts and we needed to make room for him or her in our lives. Now that Maggie is becoming a big kid, I can see space becoming available for our finale. Now I'm just waiting for Mary Neukam's house to sell. That's when she is free to get pregnant. We've had our last three kids in the same month. Why stop now?

I've noticed that it's become popular for parents to keep their babies name secret. They announce the gender but don't disclose the name. I think 8 out of 10 friends who have delivered in the last year have done this. Maybe it's to protect the name from being made fun of or maybe it's just fun to have something just between mom and dad. Stephen and I have never been able to do this. We can't keep a secret for very long. So in planning for baby 5 I've decided we should do the following. We are going to have the doctor put the gender in an envelope that we won't look at. Then anyone who comes to the house must look in the envelope but not tell us. We will tell our pastor at church to announce it to the congregation. We'll step out for a minute so we don't hear anything. He'll instruct everyone to keep it a secret from us but not to be afraid to mess with our heads a bit.

That's all on this subject until Mary's house sells.


  1. Hopefully no one spills the beans on you! Sounds like a fun idea, and I'm glad there is still going to be #5 ;) We were talking to a couple in our birth class who were sharing with people their name ideas (which they now regret). They are both hispanic, with dark skin and hair. The worst comment they got was the father shared a name idea with his dad, and it was definitely a Hispanic name (Luna, which means Moon in Spanish). His dad said, "But what if it's white?" The guy was SO upset! Maybe his dad didn't realize what he was implying (or maybe he did).