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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Those Moxley Kids

Two years ago this month, my sister gave birth to triplets. Kade, Roanin, and Nathaniel were wanted, fought for, and, unfortunately sorely missed. I never got to meet and hold the babies I had prayed for for so long. My sister got many things in remembrance of them, a tree in her backyard, a necklace, three little boys from Ethiopia that our family sponsers. She also got a windchime which she struggled to find a place for. She gave it to me, and now I get to here sweet sounds and remember my sweet nephews when the wind blows.
Less than a year ago, she gave birth to twins. They were wanted, fought for, and thankfully present with us. I love that they look and act so different. I love that I can't figure out who they look more like, Jason, Connie, or Gabe. I love that the nursery that sat empty for so many years is full. I love that they make my sisters house loud. Here they are in all their eight month glory.

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