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Saturday, March 24, 2012

The dancing wrestler is turning 3.

So what happens after several hours of quiet imaginext play? This. Dancing and wrestling. Wrestling and jumping. Mommy yelling to get off the couch and table. Sometimes in the afternoon I turn on dance music while we pick up. It helps us all have a little more energy. It helps me stay in a good mood so I don't end up totally losing my temper. D'arcy and Julian are getting rather good at staying on task and getting their designated room clean. Schroeder not so much, but we are working on it. You can also see that Schroeder is in his typical outfit. Pajama bottoms and no shirt because he has inevitably spilled something small on his shirt and refuses to wear anything even slighty damp. What are we dancing to? I'm ashamed to say. The black eyed peas, glee, Michael Jackson, or Will Smith are good guesses. Schroeder has been asking for "Men in Black" quite frequently. I'm committed to giving them only the best musical education.

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