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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Kids say the darndest things...

D'arcy is maybe a little too familiar with the concepts of birth. She has yet to ask how a baby is conceived, but she sure knows how it comes into the world. She was born via C-section which she is happy to explain to people. Her brothers and sister were all VBACs delivered at home. She was "around" for both Schroeder and Maggie's birth, enjoys listening to my conversations with and about pregnant friends, and has watched lots of "A Birth Story" and "One born every minute" episodes on TV.
A month or so ago, she was describing this show she wanted to watch on Hulu about a lady who has delivered several babies as a surrogate. I had noticed she had watched a short promo and was asking her about it as I wasn't sure if I was comfortable with this new show. She told me that the lady worked as a surrogate because, and I quote, "she had a strong birth canal".
The other day, D'arcy was asking me about the status of my friend's pregnancy. Our friend is waiting for her second child to be born, and at last check was at 9cm, but had yet to go into labor. That was a week ago, and baby is still not here. This was what D'arcy said.
"Mom, has Melissa had her baby yet?"
"No, I don't think so."
"Is she still at 9cm?"
"(Chuckling) Yes, I think so."
"Wow, how did she get that far without contractions? Can she walk around?"

On a sweeter, less medical note, I'm sure going to miss it when Schroeder starts saying "Lemonade" instead of "Emmalade".

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  1. This is hysterical and so true! I've had several memorable conversations with Aidan and Isabel about birth since they were invited to attend Jax's birth and Esther spent quite a bit of time explaining the whole process to them. Now they're quite the experts, and crack me up with their questions and observations.