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Friday, December 2, 2011

Why doesn't Santa come to your house?

If my kids fully understood the reality of the situation they would answer, "Because my mom can't pull him off."

This is why I couldn't pull santa off if I tried.  Last night, I put all the kids' presents in a box to take with me tonight to a friends house to wrap.  She is having a crafty party and wrapping might be the extent of my craftiness.  I fell asleep on the couch while Stephen was watching a movie, and then I stumbled upstairs to bed.  Julian went downstairs this morning and all of a sudden I realized I had left that box on the couch.  I jumped out of bed (this never happens) and ran down the stairs.  Socks and stairs and rapid movement aren't a good combo and I almost fell down on the way.  Julian was in the dining room and I asked him accusingly what he'd been up to.  Usually, he tries to sneak some TV before school, but thankfully we'd opened our first Lego Advent Calendar door last night and he was playing with his little robber man.  I proceeded to grab the box and hide it under some paper towels in our laundry room (no one but me ever goes in there).  Christmas surprises saved...for now.

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