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Saturday, December 3, 2011


When we started at our little church here in Fountain Square, our kids doubled the number of kids in the nursery, and D'arcy and Julian were the only kids over the age of one.  I worried that it wasn't a good decision to attend a church without peers for our two oldest.
D'arcy was off of school for the week of Thanksgiving, and I always joke that she expects me to be her cruise ship entertainment director.  What are we going to do next? is a question I hear regularly.  This drives me crazy. crazy. crazy.  The Monday before Thanksgiving, Beth came over to make sock puppets with D'arcy, and Julia took D'arcy and Julian on a walk to the park.  It's awesome to me that loads of adults from our church who have yet to have their own kids are investing in mine.
More Examples.
Julia helped D & J make chocolate chip cookies, let them sell them at her garage sale, and then walked them around the neighborhood letting them spend their money on silly items such as a Harry Potter book in Spanish (Julian thought I would love it).  Awesome.
Becka picks D'arcy up occasionally to attend Knitting Club at the coffee shop.  D'arcy now has a skill that I did not teach her.  Awesome.
Tracy picked D'arcy and Julian up and took them to the zoo for the whole afternoon.  Awesome.
Brandon lets my kids use him as a human jungle gym and takes them over to his place after church to listen to Star Wars music on his record player.  Awesome.
Alan taught our kids to say Taco Pants fifteen times a day.  Awesome?
I'm super thankful for these people! (And here's a shout out to our family who invests in our kids all the time.  I'm thankful for your help, too!)

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  1. oh yay! Melissa, please know how much your blog, heart, words and photographs encourage me and help me give thanks to the Lord. I so appreciate your openness and honesty and perspective. Thank you so much for inviting me into your family. I love you.