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Saturday, December 31, 2011

New Year's Resolution

I reread Bridget Jones' Diary this fall. She keeps a diary to keep track of her weight, calorie intake, alcohol consumption, cigarettes smoked, and lottery tickets scratched off. These are her bad habits, and she tries unsuccessfully to kick them. But these habits make her lovable, relatable, and darn right human. Her bad habits along with her good ones make her Bridget.
If you know me well, you know that I love to drink this green colored substance called Mountain Dew. I crave one morning, noon, and night. I can drink one at 12:30am and be asleep without difficulty be 12:45. If Mountain Dew isn't available, any soda will suffice. Diet soda is barely tolerable but will work in a pinch. Any soda is better than none. Drinking it is truly enjoyable.
Here's the rub. I have holes in my teeth. I have probably fifteen pounds of extra Melissa. I'm certain that some of my problems with breast feeding the last couple of babies has stemmed from my MD consumption.
I know this. I gave up MD after I delivered d'arcy and within two months I was wearing size 2 clothes. It was truthfully crappy timing because I had just had a c-section. It's true what they say. A good diet makes you look good with clothes on. Exercise makes you look good naked. Stephen never complained, though.
So this bad habit that makes me lovable and human has got to go. I will not drink soda for one year. Lord willing and the creak don't rise. I weigh 130 pounds. I wear size 10 jeans. I had one cavity last month. Let's see what kind of difference this makes.


  1. thanks for being vulnerable and authentic. you're pretty amazing. <3

  2. I agree with Nickole. Lord knows I have many of my own hang-ups. One of them for me happens to be an addiction to Diet Coke. I truly crave it when I don't have it, and drinking it literally makes me feel a little dizzy and buzzed.