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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

No words.

Follow along with me.
Julian wants lunch.  He says he wants leftover pizza.  Great.
Julian there is leftover pizza on a plate in the refrigerator.
Julian decides that this is Schroeder's leftover pizza and that it is yucky.
Fine.  Have something else.
Now he's pouring himself a bowl of cereal.  Good.
Schroeder decides he would also like a bowl of cereal just like his big brother.  Fantastic.
Julian reminds me that Daddy said Schroeder couldn't eat anything else until his pizza from last night was gone.  Point taken.
Schroeder proceeds to throw a fit about his cold pizza.  I warm it up.  He is sort of satisfied but is still eyeing Julian's cereal.
Julian is now stealing Schroeder's pizza.  Schroeder is screaming because all of a sudden his pizza has become a precious commodity.  Schroeder runs to me hoping I'll help him, protect him.
I don't.  Pizza for the fittest.  

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