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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Melissa + Joy : SATURATED | November Purple

November 15th came and went. I hadn't even looked at the color for the month. Then Joy sent me an email with her purple image. Purple! I had brought home some eggplant from our friend's house in Georgia on our trip in October. It had sat in our kitchen begging to be photographed for weeks, but then I threw it away. Uncooked. Unphotographed. Then I had intention of photographing my purple gloves made for me by the beautiful Becka N., but then I left them at a client's house. Don't worry, they have been found and will soon be retrieved, but my purple photo was still left undone. Then Kelly, my friend from Georgia, drove up and brought me more eggplant. She is such an awesome, thoughtful friend. Wow, I have so many awesome, thoughtful friends...Joy for being my photography buddy and being patient, Becka for making me awesome gloves, and Kelly for bringing me eggplants and hugs from Georgia. So now, on the last day of November, I present you with Melissa + Joy : Saturated...purple!

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